Liz & Dick Review: Wow, That Was Not Good!

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Contrary to popular belief, we don't enjoy bashing Lindsay Lohan for the heck of it. We'd like to see her get her act together, and we really wanted to like Liz & Dick.

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    As I heard all of these reviews on the movie "Liz and dick " I decided to watch the movie as I watch I do agree Lindsey wasn't that good but she was okay the rest of the cast was great ! Though Lindsey has an accent during the movie but as I watched she was losing it .. Which made me wonder did Liz have a accent ? Or didn't she? She was good in some parts but not as well in others.. Now about the makeup dressing I thought It was good but my only doubts about the movie was Lindsey ... If I had to rate the movie I would have to say 3 stars it's was great but it also wasn't terrible I thought it was okay but then again this is just my opinion


    they hating so hard on lindsey, she did a good job in the movie.


    Lindsey did a great job portraying a euphoric actress to the deepest depression. Comedians depend on negative experiences to bring an edge to their performance. Lindsey has a history of issues that changed her life much like the rollercoaster events that Liz Taylor suffered and enjoyed. Liz Taylor being upset about winning an Oscar somewhat parallel to the effects of child actor growing up in Hollywood that Lindsey lived through so far. Some of the most negative reviews seems to coming who never knew Liz and Dick because they are under 40 years old. I was impressed with the details with cars, women’s hats, and the guy who played Eddie Fisher really resembled his look .


    I can’t say that LiLo shoulders all the blame, but I definitely agree that this movie was a snoozer. I was just chatting about this flick with a few ladies from my office at DISH, and we all thought it just felt too rushed. The sets were undeniably fake, the script was haphazardly written, and of course the acting struggled. The only good thing that came out of watching it for me was that I didn’t have to sacrifice my usual Sunday shows that aired at the same time, like Dexter and The Amazing Race, since my DISH Hopper DVR can record up to six things at once. I wonder where LiLo is going to go from here.


    I thought she was ok. He wasn't so great.


    It was so hard for me to see Elizabeth Taylor in this movie...I couldn't get past the fact that this was Lindsay Lohan...she would go in and out of accents.....her acting was subpar....I have seen her act much better in other movies.....It was really a fail..From the words of Elizabth Taylor herself. "NO WILL PLAY ELIZABETH TAYLOR BUT ELIZABETH TAYLOR HERSELF" and I must agree...Lindsay could not portray her properly...but it was a very good attempt....


    Oh man did that stink

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