Lindsay Lohan: ARRESTED For Punching Woman at Club!

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The great Lindsay Lohan was arrested just a few hours ago in N.Y. City for allegedly punching some girl at a nightclub ... not sure if anyone is surprised or cares.

It happened, though. The starlet was partying at Club Avenue when she got into some sort of beef with a female patron and things eventually became physical.

Police arrived on the scene and arrested Lindsay for assault.

Lohan Freaks Out

Words were exchanged between LiLo and the woman as they sat in nearby booths; it's not clear why they were jawing at each other, but it got ugly.

Lindsay said something to the effect of, "Give me my space."

Some time passed and then, for reasons still unknown, Lindsay allegedly punched the chick and the police were called, intercepting the actress' getaway.

Lohan was leaving the club in a car when cops pulled her over and arrested her; the troubled 26-year-old star is still in custody, according to TMZ.

Recently, Lohan was arrested for hit-and-run outside The Dream Hotel in NYC after supposedly bumping some guy, but cleared due to lack of evidence.

She also has other ongoing legal woes ... a lot of them.

The Liz & Dick star is about to be charged with lying to police in after her June car accident in L.A., when she claimed to be a passenger and not the driver.

If Lindsay is formally charged with this latest crime, or any crime for that matter, it could trigger another probation violation and land her in a jail cell again.

Unlike watching her try to act, this is no laughing matter.


Lock her up!! She's obviously lost her mind, completely! She needs to go away for a while, probation isn't working obviously!!


come people give lindsay lohan a chanes and let her make a movie and music career comeback come on people give lindsay lohan a chanes or give her avisd or something

Faith maguire

She is such a train wreck!! She looks much older than what she is, and she can't stay out of trouble! It isn't anyone else's fault but her own. It's called making good choices, something of which she is not good at. How many times are the courts going to look the other way after slapping her on the wrist? If you or I had pulled just half of what she has, we would be sharing a jail cell. It is complete BS that some of these celebrities walk away from their 'legal woes'. I am so sick of hearing about this person! Keep her off of the TV, she can't act, and make her face the punishment and take responsibilities for her actions! Being 'famous' is not a 'get out of jail free' card.'s not suppose to be anyway.


Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Punching Woman At New York Club Video Here

Lou pozski

Wow this woman is headed for an early grave if she keeps going the way she has been. She's only 26 and has/had so much drama in her life.

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