Laura James Wins America's Next Top Model!

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And... we have a winner!

With Kiara Belen, Laura James and the returning Leila Goldkuhl the trio of contestants remaining last night on the America's Next Top Model finale, the ladies were tasked with photo shoots for sponsors Nine West and Nylon.

They then strutted down a haunted house-themed runway.

Laura James Picture

Who was able - in Tyra's actual words - to "reclaim her immortal smize?"


"I've been dreaming of this for such a long time," James said upon earning the title and winning $130,000; a spread in Nylon; and a contract with two model agencies.

As the champion of the first-ever college cycle, Laura also be the face of the fragrance, Dream Come True.

Is she a deserving winner?




Well, if the curse is true despite Laura’s win she probably won’t be anywhere near a top model. It may be a blessing in disguise for Leila; I was never a fan of Kiara’s even after her sob story of her personal life. I wasn’t able to watch the final episode when it aired because I had to go into work at DISH. I wasn’t sure when I would make it back home so I set my DISH Hopper to record the final episode before I left. There is over 2,000 hours of DVR recording room which makes it easy for me to record my favorite shows without worry of using up too much DVR space. I can’t wait for the new seasons, but I agree with others that ‘ANTM’ needs to go back to the old format and hire judges that people actual care about their opinions.


I agree with pretty much everything you said, Michele. I actually used to dig Kelly Cutrone before ANTM. Though she was brash at times, I never quite saw this level of mean. And I don't understand how belittling comments from her, BryanBoy, fans, are supposed to be constructive. Sure, a winner may have to learn to deal with negative social media and rejection but I don't buy that this is how you prepare them for it. Heck, not just the winner but those who are dropped during the show after being insulted and humiliated, does anyone really think that they're walking away stronger? The insults, the rating system & new means of judging, the dude with the long blonde hair and beard? Okay, he's more appealing that the 2 Jays? ANTM has become a joke. As for Laura, she did morph into something not so pretty and I stopped rooting for her a few episodes back. Ah well, another season done. Next season, it's on to something new in that time slot!




I found the argument between Kelly Cutrone and the photographer to be incredibly unprofessional. Why it was even aired is beyond me. That is what editing is for! I think the new format for ANTM is ridiculous and the loss of the 2 Jays is very noticeable. Johnny Wujek??? C'mon! Anyone over the age of 12 can't stand Katie Perry and her weak, bubblegum pop music AND style. LOL@style! Hard to believe she actually has a stylist. And Johnny.... I wouldn't brag about Katie Perry being my client. She consistently wears the worst clothes and looks garish at best! Back to ANTM...Kelly Cutrone is nothing short of a nasty bully. I'm sure it was the only way for such a homely woman to make it in the fashion industry! And BryanBoy.... WTH is that??? He too is a nasty little man who loves nothing more than to belittle and humiliate these model wannabes. Sorry Tyra! I used to love this show, but now all i see is some nasty "judges" who seem to obtain validation by being as cruel and mean as humanly possible. Yes, Kelly, that means you! As for the winner... Laura was a fave until she became Kristen v2.0. She showed what an ugly, mean spirited person she truly is. I don't think she deserved to win. She tanked badly since Leila came back.

@ Michele

I think Kiara should have won. I'm so mad because Laura's mom was a model! She probably has had experience with her mom. I think Kiara should have won because she had her photo in Tyra's new house and their Jamacian resort house! She had 7 other siblings to take care of! I think she could have been the mother they always needed! Then, Lila I really didn't like her gap but she was so Vogue! I also thought that Kiara had a better walk, but if they want to pick my mom's a model girl thats their descision but I just think Laura's very weak. She cried because she couldn't go to the one girl's place at the Go Sees! No reason to cry suck it up! Sadly, I was really disappointed that Laura won but I don't care, like i don't like her anyway. Also, I think Laura was favored because of her moms and dads fame! Lastly, it's supposed to be for AMMUTUERS! Her mom was a model she probably praticed with her! I just think that shev had a unfair advantage that's all! :(