Laura James Wins America's Next Top Model!

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And... we have a winner!

With Kiara Belen, Laura James and the returning Leila Goldkuhl the trio of contestants remaining last night on the America's Next Top Model finale, the ladies were tasked with photo shoots for sponsors Nine West and Nylon.

They then strutted down a haunted house-themed runway.

Laura James Picture

Who was able - in Tyra's actual words - to "reclaim her immortal smize?"


"I've been dreaming of this for such a long time," James said upon earning the title and winning $130,000; a spread in Nylon; and a contract with two model agencies.

As the champion of the first-ever college cycle, Laura also be the face of the fragrance, Dream Come True.

Is she a deserving winner?


Sorry but Leila is the only girl ive seen in this show's history with potential to be on Vogue. This Laura girl's features are terrible from eyes to nose to mouth. She's definitely your trashy overly tan barbie next door. Anyway she probably needed the win more than Leila who has already booked better gigs than her judging from what i saw online- Covergirl, Givenchy etc. Laura will probably get some sun tanning lotion campaign. She'll never make it in to Vogue, Harper's and the lot.


She didn't deserve to win, thanks to her fathers payoff from old money staring in the tv show the dynasty and her mother being a ex Australian model with connections, much better models are out there than her.


Hell yeah she did, i love this girl. Everyone needs to stop hating. She worked hard for this, and who cares if shes mean, most models are bitches to other models anyways. Its the way girls usually are with each other. Especially if they live together.


Laura does not deserve to win, based what she commented on other girls, I would say she is a mean person, not someone people will look up to. she is 22 not 15....also I am not a fan of her photo, her face is not model face for sure and she can not walk


I can't believe Laura won! Nononono...I'm sorry but she was not the best for me. Laila should have won! Now that is a real model! So dad....


Laura didn't deserve to win. She wasn't the best out of all of them, and she did not need the money.


You're entitled to your opinion. Leila only has one dimension, the body type and with a lot of work,could possibly be seen on a runway. Her face,particularly her smile,leaves her in a position of being limited. I do believe she will be looking at contracts and absolutely can learn "the walk ". I never posted anything derogatory or negative about any of the girls. The one who should win is the one who embodies the entire package and that is the one who won! It wasn't only about high fashion.


Should've been Leila. She was the best. Most high fashion, most Nylon, most modelesque. I'm sure we'll being seeing her on runways though because you never see the winners landing National campaigns. The losers always do better for some odd reason.


Oh and one more comment..."Happy Birthday Laura"!!! 11/18/2012


I am leaving a comment after reading the posted comments following ANTM. I have never watched this show before Cycle 19 and if not for PERSONALLY knowing Laura James,probably never would have! However, I have known her since she was a little girl and of all the girls in this competition, she was/is the most deserving. I do know something about the industry,as a cosmetologist,and understand there are many areas within this profession girls /guys can take advantage of. So their walk is off,they learn,they have a crooked mouth and a space in their teeth,they take sots which don't accentuate be it! Laura is a beautiful young Lady whom emulates the entire
package! If any of you knew her as I do,you would've said the same thing.."No Competition "! One comment speaks of her lowering her standards to the Kristen? Really? This is ALL part of reality tv! If you don't partake somewhat, you will be off the show! I truly believe this, in part,was responsible for all the tears Laura shed in later episodes. Again,I know her personally,and granted I did not know the other girls,but to say she is undeserving? Not so! Congratulations Laura...You go GIRL!

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