Kristen Stewart to Wreck Another Marriage?!?

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Consider yourself warned, Jennifer Garner.

With Kristen Stewart rumored to appear in an upcoming movie (Focus) alongside Ben Affleck, the latest issue of In Touch Weekly wonders if the actress will wreck yet another marriage.

After all, she nearly did so with Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross.

Kristen Stewart: Home Wrecker?

"This has all the makings of a disaster,” an insider says tells the tabloid of Stewart's possible casting. “Kristen’s a vixen and has been warned by her team not to screw up again. But things happen.”

It's true, people. Things do happen.

Fortunately, Garner can take solace: Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together. So even when Kristen clearly hooks up with Affleck, it doesn't mean that union has to end!


This article is absurd! You assume that this girl can get any man she wants. Just because one married man gave in definitely doesn't mean Ben will. He absolutely loves his wife and family. He wouldn't cheat on her. I think they are one of the few in Hollywood who actually have a REAL marriage. They are crazy about each other. I think the other guy was lookin for trouble. If it wasn't her it would have been someone else.


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I wish people would just leave them alone a mistake was made she tok responsibility and is trying to fix her relationship! Plus it's getting really old!!!!


Leave Kristen and Rob alone it is getting old!


who doesn't gammble......CAN'T LOSE EITHER!!


After all the backlash from her affair with Rupert, I really don't think she would be so stupid to step out from Rob again(at least not this soon).

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