Kristen Stewart Lashes Out at Reporter: You Know Nothing!

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When Kristen Stewart was asked about Robert Pattinson on The Today Show this week, she tried to laugh and brush the question off.

It was awkward, but mostly calm and successful.

But the stress of the situation is clearly getting to the actress, as evidenced by another interview she gave this week to The Los Angeles Times.

Kristen Stewart in Black

Alongside Stephenie Meyer, Stewart went into depth about Breaking Dawn Part 2 and The Twilight Saga in general, but somewhat lost her cool when the topic of her personal life was addressed.

"People are just going to write the movie version of your life and consume it the way they please. I get the inclination to be entertained by that as well, so go for it. Have at it. Take it. Take it," Stewart told the reporter.

"But you knew nothing about my relationship before. You know less now. How could you?"

On Thursday, the topic was also brought up with Pattinson during a chat with Savannah Guthrie. How did the handsome actor reply?

In a coy, cool manner, of course. He's very good at that.


Yeah, it's her personal life and it shouldn't always be asked about, but I've always kind of seen Kristen Stewart as a stuck-up bitch. She hates her fans, and I think her whole "I don't give a fuck" attitude is as fake as her personality in interviews. I'll bet she's a bitch, plain and simple.

@ Samantha

She is a little bitch and is always disrespectful and rude to the interviewers and fans. So she is a cheating ho and people asked her about it. She is totally overrated and I hope she goes away.

@ Samantha

I agree! At the same time if you want things to stay private you probably shouldn't do certain things right infront of the public's eye.

@ Dannan

I think a part of her wanted to get caught. She knows how difficult it is for her to have her privacy and not be followed by paparazzi. She also knows paparazzi have telephoto lenses. She knew the chance of not getting caught was way less than the chance of getting caught. She may never admit it and she may not even know it but I think she wanted to get caught.


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