Kim Kardashian to Launch Plus-Size Fashion Line

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It's hard not to marvel at Kim Kardashian sometimes.

The same woman who talks every week about how much weight she has to lose, and who shills for a ridiculous dieting cleanse, will officially announce a line of fashion today aimed at plus-size women.

Kim Kardashian Shows Leg

"I am really glad to be able to promote a healthy, natural body shape, eating well and exercising and appreciating the shape that you naturally have," Kardashian tells The Sun of this hypocritical endeavor.

This Kardashian Kollection line will feature more than 100 pieces in sizes 8 to 16 and go on sale in Great Britain, a country which must not have a clue about how much Kim whines about her weight gain in America.

“I was a teenager in the 90s, which was the era of grunge, the waif and heroin chic," Kardashian also told the newspaper. “Female models were skeletal, and with my Armenian background that was a mold I was never going to fit.”

Until she got rich from a sex tape. Hired a personal trainer. And banked millions for the promotion of QuickTrim, that is.

Seriously, does it get any more hypocritical than this money-starved waste of large breasts?!?


That is so crazy to say that a size 8 is plus size. That just makes woman feel so bad about themselves. What in the world is she even thinking to say that??? This person is so toally out of control. WHY do we even have to see and hear her every day. She is a terrible role model!


8-16 isn't a plus size. 18-32 is a PLUS size. The clothes they design for plus sizes are old looking, they need to be more youthful.It sure would be very nice to see that. So many cute clothes in small sizes what about US plus size women?


Wait, size 8 is plus size?


bad hair day


Yea well at least she is one of the few designers that will make a plus size line. While I do not promote obesity not all of us are a small size it is the reality. So give her some credit for taking the time to think about the majority of the women out there. Hopefully it will inspire more designers to at least the same.

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