Kim Kardashian: Pregnant with Twins?!?

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Is Kim Kardashian pregnant and alone?

This cover story alleges that Kim and Kanye West are "already planning a nursery for two" because Kardashian's dream of having twin girls is coming true.

Kim Kardashian Pregnant Cover

Yes, folks, it's a PREGNANCY SHOCKER. At least it will be if anyone is buying what this magazine is selling ... though maybe they were onto something?

UPDATE: Kim Kardashian actually is pregnant, confirmed by her rep and Kanye himself on December 30. No word if she's actually carrying twins, however.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

In related news, is Kristen Stewart expecting? Is Jessica Simpson pregnant again? Yes and yes, according to two other publications ... they got 1/2 right.


ok people i am ke$sha an she is the most biggest diva i have ever meet KIM YOU ARE NOT PRETTY

@ ke$ha

First of all you're lame.. second of all go back to school before you start talking crap about other people.


It most be awesome to have twins sent's you always wanted kids .... and Kanye West is one of my favorites i love him so much


Kim is great. I love her and the show. Stop hating


very true. we dont need someone like her to come into our world to ruin everyone life. no talent no notting.


y'all ain't nothing but haters stop hating


We don't need another Kardashian in this world.

@ Bev


@ Bev

I dont think she really cares what you think of her or her baby because honsetly they are some great people i mean yea they do stupid shit oh my god lots of people do .... so if u dont have nothing nice too say then dont say it

@ Bev


@ ape jan

that thing aint pregnant she been saying that a whole year...........she and haters even us need to stop she dont no us and care not to kno us so please stop fussing ova some one that dnt care bout the things yall fussing bout....#true isshhh tizzsy

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