Kim Kardashian Books Trip to The Middle East

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Forget her large boobs for a moment.

Kim Kardashian put her foot in her mouth big time this week, Tweeting about the Israel and Palestine conflict and receiving major backlash for involving herself in this centuries-old feud.

Kim Kardashian Bares Cleavage

Now, in response, sources tell TMZ the reality star has booked a trip to Kuwait and Bahrain.

Well, not so much in response: she was already planning a visit in order to welcome Millions of Milkshakes to those nations. Naturally.

But now? She hopes to educate herself on the region and "be as informed as possible," an insider alleges, adding that she has set up meets with local leaders in both countries.

How come?

"So she can use her celebrity to help those in need and raise awareness about important issues in the area."

Hey, there's a first time for everything, right, folks?


WTF? Is she hoping for Hillary's job? This is an amusing story.


And I am SURE she isn't paying for this trip!!! She doesn't pay for ANYTHING she does!

@ Cheryl

Nope, she is not footing the bill for this one. She really ought to, becausewhoever is paying for this trip is being scammed. What possible good could come of this trip? Is she really going to change the course of history with this trip? No.This conflict is more than several hundred years old, and nobody cares what some over-hyped bimbette thinks about it. OKay, Kim, go play with your milkshakes and whatever else, but when it comes to foreign affairs, just stfu, you useless sack of nothing.


Someone please stop this woman ... out of control and absurd. Talk about your milkshakes or other stupid nonsense but stay out of politics, Kim. You just make a fool of yourself.


nice pic


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