Khloe Kardashian as X Factor Host: Grade Her!

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You've seen the Teens in action. And the Young Adults.

You've watched the Groups perform and judged the over-25 crowd.

But Khloe Kardashian also made her debut as The X Factor host last night, looking every bit as boring and awkward as we imagined she would be.

With the exception of her much buzzed-about nipples, that is.

The X Factor Hosts

Did you tune in? What did you think of Kardashian on stage? Grade her as a host now:


She sucks today!


Chloe was absolutely horrendous! I won't be watching if she's hosting.


I love Khole the best(from her sisters) but her hosting X Factor is ok. She just don't give them enough time to say how they feel without moving the mircophone away. I notice a lot of there face expressions when she moved the microphone.


She may be a great person but she is a terrible host. She cannot read her cues. She cannot walk or stand in her shoes, very inappropraite what she wore last night and the comments Simon made. Many children watch this show. what was Simon and the show thinking? I could go on and on but i won't.


Oh by the way Simon I do turn the sound off when she speaks


Chloe is the worst host I have ever seen on a variety show sorry Mario you have to put up with that. Simon must have been out drinking with Paula the night he made that choice


Completely sucks as a host on x factor. Mario should be the only host. She has no business doing this. She has no clue. She is terrible and I turn it off because of her


She was fabulous, she's Khloe!!

@ Ron

Sounds like khole wrote this herself. How can anyone deny that she sucks. The absolute worst show killing host ever. It just shows what a no talent family the Kardashian"s are. It makes me want to vomit when she plants her fat ass on Simon"s ass and flirts with him,


I like and do understand Khloe. This is her first time hosting a big national television show. She can only become better and stronger. Ignore the haters. If you do not like the Kardashians and or X Factor, then why do you care so much and continue giving negative comments about them?

@ Ernest

we care, because we like the show. Her as host gives the impression that they were so desperate for anybody to host the show and could not get anyone better. Surely you must see that?


Such harsh critiques!!!!! Give the girl a chance ,she just started on the show.

@ barb

I agree. Khloe is like everyone else: imperfect. She deserves to be host of "X Factor".

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