Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian: They Did It!!!

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They did it, people. They really, truly did it.

Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian grace the latest cover of Life & Style, bragging about stunning weight losses: 40 pounds for Kourtney, 10 pounds for Khloe!

The secret to their success?

Make lots of money and don't hold down a real job, enabling them to hire personal trainers and chefs and constantly hit the gym. Easy advice to follow, folks!

Khloe and Kourtney Did It!

“I’m working out consistently, three to five days a week,” Khloé tells the magazine of her revolutinary system. “I’m not where I want to be… but it’s a lifestyle change."

But don't get the terrible X Factor host wrong, she's still a Food Fanatic.

"I’m just changing my diet slowly," she says. "If I do too much too soon...I know I’ll go back and binge eat - and cry."

According to a different tabloid report, Khloe may have another reason to shed tears soon: might she divorce Lamar Odom?!?


Khloe you are doing every good in loosing the weigh do it for you not for any one else cause its going to make you feel good and look good. And about the baby yes your right god will sent it to you when its thre right time and when you are ready for something so beautil too happen to you.


I can't stand these 2.. One of the tabloids said that kourtney, never made a sex tape & that is so not true..Kourtney, did make a sex tape with her boyfriend from high school..The tape was going to be released but since she was under age the FBI got involved and got the tape..Kim, was copying her older sister and made a sex tape too but she was of legal age and it was leaked to the world as soon as she became popular...Kourtney, is not innocent @ all all 3 of them are a bunch of sluts and kourtney, boned joe francis, the creator of GIRLS GONE WILD..And scott, hangs out with him even knowing he boned his girl..Scott, loves to hang out with guys who boned kourtney..Scott, also hangs out with robs best friend jj who also boned kourtney.. Khloe, is just a giant drag queen when she takes off all her fakeness she looks nothing like what we see on television..It's all about the illussion..


I thought when celebs want to lose weight they just used lots of blow, like strippers.


Not trying to be hateful or anything, but that photo is soooooo photo shopped!! Have you seen Khloe on the X-Factor!?!?! She IS NOT that little!! Really...why do these rich people find it necessary to be something they are not?? This family is just so whacked!!!


And of course, PHOTOSHOP.


It's called liposuction, body sculpting, & gastric bypass for Kong.

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