Kevin Clash Admits He's Gay, Had (Legal) Relationship With Accuser

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Kevin Clash says he is gay and has never tried to hide that, and indeed was involved a relationship with the younger man accusing him of inappropriate sexual behavior.

Kevin Clash, Elmo

The voice of Sesame Street's beloved Elmo says the accuser was over 18, however, not underage as he has alleged. Clash took a leave of absence Monday.

Kevin Clash, who's performed as Elmo for 27 years, is 52. He admits he had "a relationship with the [now 23-year-old] accuser," but not an illegal one.

"It was between two consenting adults and I am deeply saddened that he is trying to characterize it as something other than what it was," he said in a statement.

"I am taking a break from Sesame Workshop to deal with this false, defamatory allegation."

Clash also confirmed he is "a gay man" and has "never been ashamed or tried to hide it, but felt [my relationship with the accuser] was a personal and private matter."

Sesame Workshop backs up Clash on one count, saying that after a "thorough investigation" they "found the allegation of underage conduct to be unsubstantiated."

Still, the family-oriented organization found that Kevin Clash "exercised poor judgment and violated company policy regarding Internet usage and he was disciplined."

The Workshop added that Clash "insists that the allegation of underage conduct is false and defamatory and he is taking actions to protect his reputation."

As for why he was disciplined by his employer, an email Clash wrote to his accuser reads, "I'm sorry I keep talking about sex with you, its driving me insane."

The puppeteer adds, "I want you to know that I love you and I will never hurt you. I'm here to protect you and make sure your dreams come true."

"I'll have my assistant book a ticket for you to come to NY and we can talk about this in person."

To clarify, the email was written well after the accuser turned 18; the allegation made by the accuser is that the two were intimate before he was 18.

Clash denies any wrongdoing, while admitting a consensual relationship.

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it's him own business,just let him live his own life.right?


I'm going to stop reading comments now. Your stupidity annoys the hell out of me. One thing though: what I find most disturbing is the fact that it's 2012, and that most reactions here show not even so much outrage about the possibility of mr. Clash being involved in sexual activity with a minor, but about the fact that he is gay. Really. For the sake of the USA, I honestly hope that your comments are not a reflection of the intelligence of the citizens of that country.


i dont belive it


He's been Elmo for 27 years; I wonder if he saw this child on the show. You mean to tell me this man has been Elmo for 27 years and around kids? he probably turned gay after messing with one of those children. They need to fire him.

@ Sweetie

That comment could only come from an ignorant, stupid, ill-educated homophobic American. I pity you. I'm not even going to dignify your stupidity with an explanation.

@ Sweetie

One does not "turn gay". Also, pedophiles tend to identify as straight. Should Bob, or Luis or Mr. Hooper have been fired? They worked around the kids, too. And congratulations on being the exact reason why gays and their allies work for official employment protection under the law.


Sesame lawyers conspire with accuser’s lawyer to produce fake recant statement. I was there during the conversation and the accuser was crying a lot and did not want to agree to anything. Next thing you know the statements were made. I can't get involved since I work for the attorney but what they did to the accuser is not right. They tried to make him agree to the deal offers bt he said no. His attorney is horrible and not ethical.

@ james nugget

James...dude, I think that the honesty in your posting speaks VOLUMES!!!!! The attorney that you work for sounds like a real ASSHOLE to me. I think that most attorneys/lawyers nowadays are nothing but a bunch of power-hungry and ego-inflated DOUCHEBAGS who get off on bullying, intimidating and threatening their own clients and clients in general. James, as far as I'm concerned, you VERY BRAVELY took a chance (or whatever) and spoke out about this. PROPS TO YA!!!!! Peace.


Elmo's gay? Looks like he's going back to store today.

@ Lisa

We often criticize countries like Iran for being retarded about homosexuality. Well you just proved us wrong. The US is far more retarded. I bet you call yourself a "good Christian" too. You make me puke.

@ Lisa

You are a horrible person.



@ asswipe

So kind of you to introduce yourself and your little brother. You must hate your parents though, for giving you both such odd names and raising you so badly.


That is why he and everyone else should be with someone around their age.


WTH? That guy was married to a woman--what does he mean he has never been ashamed.

@ SD

He was married to a woman in the 80's... Things are much different know regarding being out. Hell, in the 80's, not even Boy George, George Michael or Elton John were out. Obviously, he tried to be straight (likely in an attempt to please his family) but then realized he wasn't be true to himself. So eff you. That's what I mean.


His accuser has admitted that the accusation was false. The guy was probably trying to extort money.