Justin Bieber Meets with Selena Gomez, Ponders Dating Future

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With their relationship up in the air and sides already being taken among fans, Justin Bieber reportedly met on Sunday with Selena Gomez.

According to TMZ sources, the rendezvous took place at a hotel in New York City.

Justin Bieber Ogles a Model
Selena Gomez in a Crowd

Few details were provided regarding the context for the couple's split, but these insiders confirm two items:

  1. Gomez ended the relationship.
  2. She is also open to reconciliation, but Justin must decide: Does he want to stick with Selena or get his supermodel banging on?

Indeed, reports that Bieber cozied up to Barbara Palvin and other Victoria's Secret models this week appear to be true. He's now torn between sowing a few oats and being a one-woman young man.

Can you help Justin out? He clearly needs advice, readers, so sound off now: Who should Bieber date?


They forgot the one option on the vote that would overwhelming win...Date Dudes!!!!

@ Sue

Thank you Sue, exactly. That's what I was going to say!

@ Sue

Lmaooo!! XD


Why would any real woman in her rightful mind would date that little fetus ! He's a child still for Christ sake let him mature slowly and naturally. Please.


Bang supermodels? You have got to be kidding me. He looks like a little boy and needs to go home and do his homework. Nobody with any brains is going to touch that little dweeb with a 10 foot pole.

@ jsp81355

Lmao!! XD

@ jsp81355

I was thinking the very same thing! Agreed!!!!

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