Justin Bieber Doubles Down at American Music Awards

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It's been a tough week for Justin Bieber.

The superstar singer her openly fought with Selena Gomez, leaving that relationship teetering on the edge.

And while fans may be toasting their split, the artist is screaming at the paparazzi and telling off the "haters," as he did upon accepting the trophy Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist at the American Music Awards last night.

Bieber then took to the stage and sang a pair of tracks: "As Long As You Love Me" and "Beauty And A Beat."

Watch the performances now:


"It's been a tough week for Justin Beiber." It's also been a tough week for the millions of unemployed folks and people and families living below the poverty line who struggle to make it through a week without bursting into tears because of their debt, always worrying about the risk of foreclosure or eviction. And yet you have the nerve to compare the hard-working backbone of America to a pompous millionaire brat who can't even sing that well and has to insult everyone who has a different opinion about his own music than he does, and you say he's had it TOUGH? I just realized how worthless these kinds of websites are and how worthless the personalities of the people who worship them are.

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