Joey Junker: Dating Bristol Palin!

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Bristol Palin apparently has a new boyfriend in Joey Junker, a professional snowmobiler! Or snow machine racer, some might call his profession.

Either way, Joey's junk is totally in that trunk.

Bristol Palin: New Face

Not long ago, Bristol Palin and Gino Paoletti, her first serious boyfriend following her split from baby daddy Levi Johnston, were considering marriage.

For whatever reason, that didn't work out ... and Joey Junker - a lifelong Alaska resident with a talent for riding and adventure - is now in the picture.

Their relationship is still new, but insiders say the single mom is "smitten."

"She really likes him! She is a quiet person, so [she] hasn't been gushing about him, but she has been texting with him a lot the past few weeks," a source says.

"Someone asked about her 'boyfriend,' and she turned bright red blushing!"

"[Bristol] has said she's at a good place in her life right now... she wants to be cautious about the guys she allows into her life these days ... she is taking it slow."

As for her former fake finace? Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby, who recently welcomed his second child, daughter Breeze Beretta, got married Sunday.

Here's wishing Bristol and Joey the best in their fledgling romance. No wonder she's selling her car ... she can hitch rides in his snow machine now.



I'm sure Bristol Palin is a nice girl, but no way should she have been on dancing with the stars....not even the first time, she is not a star by any stretch of the imagination, she just has an infamous mother, who is IMO nothing but a fame chaser.......I mean how many politicians actually give up political careers to chase the limelight.....just an idiot like Sarah Palin...........the only "talent" she actually has is a talent for "bullsh-t" that's what she should write a book about...her special talent, the rest is just smoke and mirrors, frankly Alaska is better off without her, and she pushed Bristol to be on the show, so the "Palin" name woukd be uo in lights, what a disgrace, and us dwts fans had to put up with watching Bristol not only, once but twice, what a farce!


these kind of clothes won't show your belly.
WINTER IN ALASKA IS COLD!! date this young woman, folks!!


Bristol must have been busy today, emailing all the tabloids about her new flame. She emailed them when her ex baby daddy had another baby and she told them she sent him and his now wife congrat flowers. Like who gives a f*ck.This girl is desperate for any type of publicity now that she has been booted off DWTS for her obvious lack of dancing talent. No one is offering her any jobs or another reality show that pays her big bucks due to her disasterous Life's a Tripp show where all she did is whine, cry, complain and laugh at her son for calling his Aunt Willow a homophobic slur. No one is interested and I am tired of seeing her name in the entertainment section. She is not an entertainer by a long shot. She is riding Mommy's coattails and now she is afraid her money train is derailing. I mean, come on, who else would know about Bristols love life except Bristol and family members. And who would leak such news about it except Bristol and family members. Enough said.

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