Joey Junker: Dating Bristol Palin!

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Bristol Palin apparently has a new boyfriend in Joey Junker, a professional snowmobiler! Or snow machine racer, some might call his profession.

Either way, Joey's junk is totally in that trunk.

Bristol Palin: New Face

Not long ago, Bristol Palin and Gino Paoletti, her first serious boyfriend following her split from baby daddy Levi Johnston, were considering marriage.

For whatever reason, that didn't work out ... and Joey Junker - a lifelong Alaska resident with a talent for riding and adventure - is now in the picture.

Their relationship is still new, but insiders say the single mom is "smitten."

"She really likes him! She is a quiet person, so [she] hasn't been gushing about him, but she has been texting with him a lot the past few weeks," a source says.

"Someone asked about her 'boyfriend,' and she turned bright red blushing!"

"[Bristol] has said she's at a good place in her life right now... she wants to be cautious about the guys she allows into her life these days ... she is taking it slow."

As for her former fake finace? Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby, who recently welcomed his second child, daughter Breeze Beretta, got married Sunday.

Here's wishing Bristol and Joey the best in their fledgling romance. No wonder she's selling her car ... she can hitch rides in his snow machine now.



I thought voting was over and Carly Davis won. Looks like the ballot box is being stuffed by the Palin fans until Joey wins. Once he is ahead, Sarah will tell her friends at FOX that voting is over. Probably stuffing the ballot box as fast as her fingers will go.....even Gramps and chuckles will be trying to keep Joey ahead so the gravy train venture will go on and on.


vote for Joey Junker. Bristol and Sarah are begging you to vote for Bristol's new boy friend. Show him that you love the Palins and all they stand for.


Palins never do anything unless they will get their comments repeated in the media or will financially gain from the endorsement. So--makes you wonder if Sarah is in business with Joey Junker or whether Bristol is being a paid cheerleader. Whatever--most people wouldn't want all this attention if you were just starting to date. Maybe this is the latest scam from Bristol--trying to get the most votes for Joey so they can produce another show and get the residents of Alaska to pay them big bucks. She offered Levi $10,000 to appear with her--and he turned it down, Sure looks like Levi has more class or standards than Bristol. She is a con artist just like her parents. Couldn't sell a soap opera about Todd winning the Iron Dog every year-so they are looking for a sucker to take his place.


make a joke of Bristol and FOX--choose the worst: vote for the person who has the lowest rating.... that's what we did with Bristol and look how far she got. People stopped watching the show in droves.


Just another scam. Palins want you to vote for Joey Junker in FOX's contest redefine your Limits. FOX employees shouldn't really be endorsing people so they can benefit but Palins and their hidden LLC want to get in on the sportswear business. Kind of like Sarah and her hairdresser doing that show so they can get money from the State of Alaska for filming. Just another way of milking the State of Alaska because they have so much Federal Government money in their coffers.


cannot even imagine a guy who would be interested in this celebrity want-to-be or fame whore. If she is already selling stories to the tabloids about her crush on Junker--can you imagine what she will say when they actually have a date. Palins just love to glamorize their life in Alaska--hunting big game; flying in Daddy's plane across the lake rather than taking four minutes to drive on the road in front of your house; pretending that she just bought a fixer upper house on the lake when you can go to the realty listing and see that it is a mansion; pretending that you are financially struggling as a single mom when you already own three houses; have five vehicles and make over a million dollars a year. Bristol is willing to lie and say anything if it brings her media attention--what's next--she is dating a brain surgeon? She is trying so hard to get onto the Bachelor next--and they are looking at the true professionals on Dancing with the Stars instead. Bristol is no star--Bristol has no dancing talent-but she has a dozen full time publicity agents looking for schemes to get her a job with a lot of visibility. Kind of like how she let everyone know that she was working for a charity in California. Palins are the modern day con artists and family of grifters.


In love with someone she has known for one month and according to his sister, they haven't had a date yet. So glad that Bristol is taking it slow--can hardly wait until she calls the tabloids to sell a story about what clothes she wore and what color her hair was and what plastic surgery she had getting ready to meet the love of her life. Bristol has a vivid imagination. Apparently she thinks because she is going out with a snowmobiler her Daddy will love her more. News could have only been leaked by Bristol and her family and publicity agents--must be awfully boring in Arizona with nothing to do but call the tabloids and hope that you get chosen for the Bachelor. Maybe she can go with her Grampa on his book signing trip--she might even be able to sell a few more of her books now that she thinks she is a STAR.


Oh shut up Anon, grow up and have some class. What do you do with your life where you think you can judge someone so harshly whom you know nothing about. What makes you any better? I don't see you on tv anywhere dancing. And if you are, nobody knows who the he** you are, so obviously Bristol has more game.


Bristol chooses such hard workers! First boy friend Levi--too young to work but a favorite of Mama; then Ben Barber--lived with her in Anchorage; then Gino--who at least tried to give Trippy a normal life; then Joey--Dad's friend because he rides snowmobiles and will try anything twice. What's he work-three weeks every winter? sounds like he will fit right in with the Palin free loaders or con artists. None of them have permanent jobs either-oh the life of a con artist pays so well!


agree with both comments below...........Bristol AND HER MOM............both big fakes...GO AWAY!

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