Jenny Johnson: Threatened By Team Breezy!

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Comedian Jenny Johnson is feeling the collective wrath of Team Breezy right now.

Some extremely loyal, deeply troubled Chris Brown fans have threatened to kill her following their now infamous, rather nasty Twitter exchange over the weekend.

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The comedian called the R&B star a "piece of sh!t" and an ignorant "f*%k."

He responded by telling her to perform oral sex on him, labeled her a "thirsty hoe" and "bush pig," and then threatened to fart and/or defecate in her eye.

The Chris Brown feud resulted in his Twitter account being deactivated, and in his absence some fans took it upon themselves to issue death threats to Johnson.

"U wanna know what im gonna do? Im gonna kill that Jenny Johnson for making Chris delete his twitter," wrote @NellyBreezy, who later deleted her own account.

Her kind sentiments were echoed by, @NinaBreezy16, who tweeted: "@JennyJohnsonHi5 whore bitch. if chris kill you i will have more respect of him ..."

Likewise, another Team Breezy member, using the handle @_Haineko, weighed in, "super mad right now ... if i see that jenny johnson i'll stab her to death."

Even crazier still, a Chris Brown fan with the handle @rockykane9 wrote, "@JennyJohnsonHi5 I'M GONNA F*CKING RAPE & KILL YOU OLD WHORE F*CK!"

Jenny Johnson hasn't been scared off by the numerous replies she's received, which have mostly told her to "eat a dick," but she did tweet that she's "alarmed."

Brown's fans have stuck by him no matter what, and female members of Team Breezy have made headlines for tweeting some very sad statements.

"I'd let Chris Brown beat me up anytime ;) #womanbeater," and "Chris brown can beat me any dayyyyy damn he's so sexy" would be the archetypal ones.

His fans recently made threats against John Legend’s fiancée, model Chrissy Teigen, after she made comments about his performance at the Billboard Music Awards.

Brown actually asked his fans to stop in that case, writing, "Team Breezy! Stop sending death threats!"

"I know y'all bout that life but it's the wrong message! Ur turning haters into victims!"

They are all bout that life, indeed. No official comment from Chris Brown's camp.

Whose side are you on in this crazy beef?


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These Chris Brown fans are not worth the toilet paper they wipe their butts on.Grow up you idiots


Chris Brown is NOT a man - beating on a woman is cowardly - bet he would think twice before hitting on a guy. Rhianna is a beautiful young lady, but just has to have a problem with self-esteem or she would KNOW she is worthy of better than his treatment - and the low self-esteem is proven by the fact that she would allow him into her life again. If she lets him too close, he'll beat on her again. He is NOT a man.


All these fans asking CB to beat them up is desturbing. I understand fandom but this us just plain crazy talk!


He can beat the ritz crackers outta me anytime.


As far as JJ, she was dead wrong after 2-3that years of constant harassment she should have been told off. He may have not needed to say what he said but damn, breathing room please!!!!! If you are so pissed about what he did start a foundation, help the battered women in your own backyard.

@ getoveritalready

Listen....Don't waste your time with these idiots because they don't care about "domestic abuse" because if they TRULY cared about the issue,they would not be going around whining and acting as if domestic abused ended with Rihanna and Chris Brown.Most of Chris Brown critics are just racists that want to use what he did to Rihanna as a reason to bash another Black man.IF they really cared about this issue the way they PRETEND to care,then they would speak on the many OLDER WHITE entertainers that have done the same since they want to act as if this is just an issue for famous people....


It is amazing to me that there are hundreds of thousands of women that are beaten and killed everyday and the only focus people have is on Chris Brown. If he didn't have money he wouldn't even be relevant. For the other disturbing comments on here, God didn't give you his Playbook to judge anyone. Hopefully one day nothing bad happens at tour hands because the same things you do and day to this man(that u don't know) will happen to you. Wait, you won't be relevant nobody knows who you are. For those other stars and there are plenty that have done much worse are made heroes. What is the distinction between him and them? He was a teenager, they were grown. Leave the man alone and let him live his life. I can guarantee that most of you with these negative comments lives are not a bed of roses. Bunch of internet thugs.


Chris Brown is a vile, disgusting person and his fans are simple sheep that deserve any mistreatment they get from men like Chris in their lives.


Wanna bet every one of these stupid women who defend Chris Brown have four kids by different daddies, are on welfare, and we bought them their smart phones so they can tweet their love for him all day. We all got a glimpse of future America. It's ugly. Inarticulate. Stupid. And crazy mean.

@ Kate

Why do you assume that anyone that supports a person through a rough time is any of what you say? I am not a fan of those types of comments. I am a fan of believing that people can change given the space and opportunity. You don't know none of these people and you are judging. There's only one judge dear. Remember, the seed you sow is the one you reap.

@ Getoveritalready

Chris hasn't shown that he can change. He continues to spew contentious comments. He throws a chair out of a window. He can't seem to shut his mouth and always has a hostile demeanor. You seem to think he has shown change...please explain.


Typical niggers acting like typical niggers.

@ Ricardo

You do realize that "n^gg^rs" are not race specific,I assume? You're acting like an "ignorant lowdown person" and that is what a "n^gg^r" is.The race of people that initially referred to my people as "n^gg^rs' are the most lowdown vile reptilians on the planet and that is indeed your dilemma. I have told friends that the hate that Chris receive is mainly about racism and your comment surely prove my point...If Chris was realistic about racism in America he could have dealt with these racists better...

@ Ricardo

Most of his fans are white teenage girls.


Now team breezy fans are disturbed because we back him up , shit you people don't stop , Leave him alone all freakin ready , u Jenny provoke the shit and now he is the bad guy go F ing , figure u would be the victim here even thou , several tweets from u too him about him doesn't matter? Now He the one who needs help , I think your a very lonely individual looking for a fine mans attention ! Keep looking cause Chris has his eye on Rihanna ! Ha ha :-)

@ Carmen

@Carmen..Could you be any more ignorant?! Your grasp on the English language is LAUGHABLE. You're a perfect example of the dumb sheep that follow "stars" in this day and age. The burns.

@ Carmen

@Carmen- "Chris has his eye on Rihanna?" As I recall, it was Rihanna's eye that was on Chris' fist.

@ Carmen

You have just shown us the intellegence level of Chris Brown fans, thank you. Here I was thinking surely any average brained person wouldn't get caught up in the media spin on pathetic "stars". Live your own life you sad sad person, you mean nothing to anyone in the industry.