Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens: Married!

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U.S. women's soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo and former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens were married Tuesday ... one day after Stevens' domestic violence arrest.

Seattle's KING5 reported Solo and Stevens wed Tuesday night in a small ceremony near Snohomish, Wash. Only close family and friends were in attendance.

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Dave Mahler, a sports-talk radio host on Seattle's KJR, also tweeted the big news: "Confirmed: Jerramy Stevens and Hope Solo were married tonight."

"Events of yesterday morning didn't change plans. Sounds like more facts comin."

Stevens, 33, and Solo, 31, applied for a marriage license Thursday, November 8.

Stevens was arrested early Monday for fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

He was not charged and was later released by a judge due to lack of evidence.

Kirkland police say the case was still under investigation, and charges could be brought later if prosecutors and police find other evidence, a police said.

According to the police report, Stevens said he and Solo had been arguing over whether they would live in Washington or Florida after the marriage.

Solo appeared in court Tuesday but left without saying anything to reporters.

Police in Kirkland responded to a disturbance at a home around 3:45 a.m. Monday involving a physical altercation between eight people during a party.

Officers then determined based on information and observations that there was probable cause to arrest Stevens for investigation of fourth-degree assault.

Court records show the victim was Solo, who received a cut to her elbow.

Solo's 34-year-old brother, Marcus, called 911, and that he and Solo told officers there was a party and blamed the disturbance on 2-3 unknown men at the party.

Marcus Solo told police he used a stun gun on one of the men, who left the party before police arrived, according to court records. Then it gets weirder still.

According to court documents, a police officer found Stevens, "who appeared to be hiding," lying between the bed and the wall in an upstairs bedroom.

Jerramy Stevens told officers he was sleeping on the floor and didn't hear the fight. The officer saw signs of a fight, and dried blood on Stevens' shirt.

The officer noted in his affidavit for probable cause for arrest that he arrested Stevens:

  1. Based on his admission that he argued with Hope Solo
  2. The injury to her elbow
  3. Signs of a fight in the bedroom where Stevens was found
  4. Blood on Stevens' shirt

One 32-year-old woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of a hip injury, and another man suffered multiple bumps, scrapes and contusions.

Stevens was selected with the No. 28 pick of the 2002 draft by the Seattle Seahawks after playing at the University of Washington. He played in the NFL for nine years.

He also was arrested on reckless driving charges in 2003 in a Seattle suburb and in 2007 when he was charged with driving under the influence in Scottsdale, Ariz.

In 2010, while he was playing for Tampa Bay, he was arrested the night before a game for possession of marijuana. He was released immediately - by Tampa.


She is even more arrogant than I thought, and obviously not very bright. How stupid can a person be to actually MARRY their abuser 24 hrs later! I think maybe they deserve each other. While she is a excellent athlete, she is also a pompous bit$^, very full of herself. I don't wish anything else to happen to her, but, she is very aware of the type of person she married. Then again, she can probably kick his a$$.. Not a very good role model for young girls who idolize her, setting a bad example.


Realist is correct. She's even crazier than we thought.


I thought Hope had better taste than this. That first punch is only a taste of things to come. Stevens is out of the ghetto but clearly ghetto's not outta him. Guys of Mr Steven's variety are typically supposed to chase after our larger and less attractive wal-mart variety females. What the hell is Hope thinking? Divorce within 1 year.

@ Realist

White girls- sorry to say are showing the country how materialistic they are! Popularity is all they seek! So many have gone down this dead end black hole! She is proof that when you are very strong in one area there are areas (Brains) you are lacking! Young and her best days are behind her! Never heard of OJ? The Facebook generation and it's finest hour!

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