Gina Bryson, Octomom Nanny, Accused of Harassing Son

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Octomom Nadya Suleman's eldest son claims his ex-nanny is harassing and stalking him. Elijah Suleman wants a restraining order to make Gina Bryson step off.

Octomom Suleman

According to legal documents, Bryson, who Octo fired this summer, has been incessantly bothering 11-year-old Elijah with phone calls and text messages.

The documents accuse Gina of leaking false stories about Elijah to the media - that he sexually molested his siblings, and a story that he watches porn.

Not the Octomom porn ... we're hoping.

In any case, a judge was concerned enough that he has signed an order prohibited Gina from going within 100 yards of Elijah, or contacting him in any way.

TMZ reports that Nadya Suleman is in the process of filing additional restraining order requests for two other kids whom Gina's allegedly been harassing as well.

A day in the life ...



The Temporary Restraining Order issue was handled in court this past week and GINA BRYSON and the TRUTH prevailed! The judge sided with her and did not see any merit with this restraining order. There is no restraining order in place. It was obviously an attempt on behalf of Octomom and her PR person to scare Gina Bryson into being quiet and not sharing the details of what she has seen ans what she knows of what has taken place in the Octo home. Gina Bryson is sharing very detailed accounts on an Internet forum and the details are absolutely horrifying!!!! Nadya is a monster to those kids. Nadya must not like Bryson sharing these secrets on the Internet because sooner or later these secrets will get out to the public and even a quick trip to rehab won't help her image.
I feel bad that Gina Bryson got dragged through the mud. All she did was watch the kids for free over the summer. And this was how Octo repayed her? It is a real shame.


This is not true octomom is a fake liar her kids are perfect gina is not that type of person and ^^ octomom made a bad decision because those kids where perfectly fine in the bryson home so all of you gulliable people should get the real story because everyone how met those babies fell in love so carl hoousendove go fall in a hole and stay in there until you realize what a mistake you maid


If that former nanny was not fired, then she probably would be much worse. Good decision that Octomom made.


If noone can make a woman like Nadya Suleman the spokesperson for birth control....then I don't know what the hell can Jesus!


I think that this is Y-E-T another stunt for that Octo-Moron to remain in the spotlight. She reminds me of that skank-o-rama Kate Gosselin (another fame-hungry HO). BEYOND PATHETIC!!!!!


I can smell this piece of all the way in New Jersey Take the kids and throw this trash in the city dump.


This is just another ploy from Team Nadya to keep the truth from coming out. Many, many pictures have been seen of the conditions the children live in, pictures Nadya Sulaman agreed to and was paid.
Nayda Suleman is trying to climb the ladder to fame and fortune on the backs of her children. Her manager is helping because she wants her cut.
Very sad, very sad.
Gina Rodriguez was not a paid nanny but someone whom Nadya relied on when she needed help.
The truth is coming out and it's not pretty, so Nadya hides in "rehab", father is in "rehab" and people who do NOT care for the children are trying very hard to hide can they sleep at night KNOWING what goes on in that house. Gina Rodriguez has ridiculed her client on Howard Stern but more than happy to look at her bank account with money coming in due to 14 children.
The truth ALWAYS comes out...ALWAYS

@ guest

Just clarifying for you, you probably meant Gina Bryson wasn't a paid nanny...easy to get the two mixed up. Great comment though!


Wow, they are letting her out of "rehab" to file all
these papers for minors in addition to debating there?
That's some rehab institute! I think the whole thing is justa publicity stunt.
Gina B, get an attorney.


therew oviously are alot more losers like her in california.


The truth is Nadya and her unscrupulous manager Gina Rodriguez is doing this to discredit Gina Bryson, who was NOT a paid nanny but a caring person who had the octuplets for a good part of last summer with no pay. Terrible how the media is playing into this charade that someone who knows the truth about Nadya and her dysfunctional life and the neglect of the kids is being punished. It's sickening.

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