Gary Johnson: Obama Will Win Reelection

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Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson says he thinks President Barack Obama will defeat Mitt Romney to win a second term this evening.

“I think Obama’s going to win, that’s what I think,” Johnson said.

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As for his own support, the former New Mexico Governor said: “[My vote is] really spread out ... I don’t think there’s any state I’m going to do better in than another.”

Johnson, who’s on the ballot in 48 states and D.C., hovers in the low single digits in the polls. Still, he says he has no regrets at how things played out.

“There’s nothing,” Johnson said. “I would ask that everybody look at it and maybe recognize that this is phenomenal that we spent $2 million and may get 5 percent."

"Maybe it doesn’t turn out that way at all - but we spent $2 million bucks and here we are playing in a game that by all accounts we should not be playing in."

A CNN Ohio poll released Friday had President Obama, a Democrat, at 47 percent, Republican nominee Romney at 44 percent and Gary Johnson at 5 percent.

It doesn’t make much of a difference which of the major-party candidates wins, Johnson said, citing a list of similarities he sees between Obama and Romney’s policies.

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The one who always wins, no matter what, are the financial power elite, because they control both parties and the have their own agenda. With the 2 party system, it’s “heads they win, tails we lose”. We have been the losers for so long, we have come to accept their illusion of difference. More wars, more crushing debt, more police state, regardless of who wins. In 2016, we will be right back where we are now, claiming “everyone should vote for one guy, so the other guy won’t win”. Nothing changed from Bush to Obama, and nothing will change from Obama to Romney. However, there is a rare and positive opportunity this election. A candidate is running that is far better for America than the Big Two. There is no chance he will win, but 5%+ voting block will elevate the Libertarian Party to Major Party status, and then we will indeed have expanded choices and can vote the financial power elite out of our government. GARY JOHNSON 2012! LIVE FREE!

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