Friends Rush to Defense of Selena Gomez, Lash Out at Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are no longer an item. That much we know.

But what happened between the adorable young couple? Details are only just beginning to spill out.

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Asked about the split over the weekend, Bieber sounded legitimately perplexed. He then went on stage and covered "Cry Me a River," a track Justin Timberlake penned about a cheating Britney Spears.


However, a couple of Gomez's former Wizards of Waverly Place co-stars have come out not just in defense of Selena, but on the offense against Bieber.

"All woman [sic] should be treated with respect!" David DeLuise Tweeted yesterday, addressing Justin directly. "Listen up boy."

Added Jennifer Stone, who played Selena's best friend on that show, in a reference to Gomez being two years older than Bieber:

"That's why you don't rob the cradle, because babe's be trippin'."

Damn. Pretty harsh words. What do you think went down between Justin and Selena?

Demi Lovato, meanwhile, didn't lay the blame for the break up on anyone. She just aimed to pick her pal up, writing to Gomez:

"When you are in the dumps, look around at all the things you have to be thankful for. Sometimes we're gonna have our bad days, but we must continue to work to be great. Keep smiling. It looks beautiful on you!"

Amen, Demi. Then again, if Bieber cheated on Gomez with Barbara Palvin...



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How about team i don't give two fucking shits!!!

@ Emilia

You're on here tho.


If you vote for Selena's Side you Clearly Have NO Freaking clue about All the Shit hes done for her Her friends are saying oh were here for her blah blah blah and kissing her ass yet when her mom had a miscarriage Justin Was there not here damn friends hes spent THOUSANDS of dollars on her ass and we always here of shit he does for her but never anything about her doing shit for him i think selena is pretty but people say she deserves better HE DOES he does so much for her and then turns into a sneaky bitch fuck her.

@ Anon

fuck yourself you freaking shit. She did a lot of stuff for him and obviously he didn't give a shit because JB is a freaking fairy. Maybe you should go on the old telebubbies board because that's were you belong loser

@ Kay

@Kay Hahahaha Really cause we've never heard of a SINGLE thing that whore has done for him shes shit and you can call me a loser all you want but sorry Justin is Way more successful and he deserves way better than that bitch he is to blind to see it though but hey everyone has there own opinion which is what i was stating my opinion and you stated your opinion about me even though you don't know me so its alright keep hating.

@ Anon

Preach that bitch is fucked in the head. That's why she can't name ONE THING Selena has done for him. Versus all that shit Justin has done for Selena. Her fans. Are stupid.

@ Kay

Selena ain't done a damn thing nor bought a damn thing for Justin hence why you can't name anything she did. And fairy? Lol sorry but that makes no sense you've repeated that same comeback over three times.clearly the loser is you. You tired.


Believe me dating some one that young only spells out trouble. Guys at that age are THE most annoying, idiotic type of people on this planet next to extreme bible beaters ( no offense, just being honest)

@ kayla

Lol go buy yourself a brain


maybe they were both just too young


Fuck Justin faggot u can go suck a dick again behind Selena's back


ugh go die


hahaha yolo


Good thing this "epic" breakup happened after the election and didn't steal that events thunder. My wish for the rest of the year would be to not have to hear any more of this teen drama...please!

@ Lking

Noone asked you to read this. Dumbass.