Father to Kim Zolciak: You Lying Skank!

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Kim Zolciak is a dishonest woman who sleeps around and is loose with birth control.

So says the FATHER of this Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

In an epic/sad rant, the dad of the reality star went off to TMZ in response to Zolciak labeling her folks as terrible relatives and barring them from contact with their grandkids.

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"Kim is a pathological liar PERIOD," Joe Zolciak's says. "I will not tolerate her trying to make a mockery of my wife or our family any further. We are completely humiliated by all the lies she has put in the media."

Joe adds that his child "has been married twice and has three different fathers of her four children. Let's face the facts."

A judge is in the process of determining grandchild visitation rights for Joe and his wife - and we somehow doubt this public statement will help their cause.


What a lousy excuse for a human being. Wasn't it you Joe, that I watched preparing a bath for Kim and Kroy to be intimate in? You are disgusting shame on you. Everything you accused your daughter of being, she is the woman that you created, influenced and formed so you can only blame your self you horrible man.


Joe and Karen should be ashamed of themselves. Who talks about their children like that? Especially when they pretend to care so much about their granddaughters. Do they realize how much they are hurting those girls? Do they think the girls are going to want to see them after this? I don't care what you think about your daughter, you do not say these things in the press. You two are not any better then she is as a parent so you may want to go take a long, hard look in the mirror before you say anything else. YOU, Joe and Karen, are sorry excuses for parents!!!!!


Kim's parents are both white trash. I feel sorry for Kim, Kroy and her children.


what do you expect? kim is a c*cksucking disgusting piece of sh*t.


To be sure,Kim's father isstating what most viewers have already surmised, so really, there was no need to state the obvious to the public. It is prettty horrible to call your own child such things, and it's especially horrible when that child has children of her own-- particularly little girls of that age, as girls that age are particularly sensitive to the taunts of others. But either way, it's still horrible to say such things abouty one's child. Perhaps Kim is a disgrace, bu her father is a disgrace as well.


Kim's parents are disgusting calling their own daughter names as they are doing. Their grandchildren are
11 and 15, much too old to be made to see them if they don't want to. I read that Kim's Mom is trying to get a book deal and that's why she's a famewhore.


Kim is so tacky. She treats her parents horribly. And what a potty-mouth she is! How does Kroy stand her? Eeew. And why on Earth is she still on Housewives? What does she bring to the table?


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