Emily Maynard and Jason White: New Couple Alert!

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Looks like Emily Maynard's love life is firing on all cylinders, or something.

Just three weeks after confirming her split with Jef Holm, the reality star was spotted getting cozy with a new man: NASCAR truck racer Jason White.

Emily Maynard and Jason White

"They were all over each other," says a witness who saw the single mom, 26, and the Richmond, Virginia-bred driver, 33, on a date at a Carrie Underwood concert.

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They later ventured off alone to the club Suite, a source says, and "Jason guided her through the crowd and held her hand as they walked downstairs."


Whether they're actually an item or not remains to be seen, but Emily has a third for racecar drivers; her daughter's father and her late fiance is Ricky Hendrick.

She's also been linked to Dale Earnhardt Jr., and of course Arie Luyendyk, Jr., the runner-up to Jef Holm on this summer's season of ABC's The Bachelorette.

Despite appearing to be on solid footing, she and Jef didn't even last six months; the couple called it quits this fall after hitting a rough patch (or several).

They were spotted together shortly after their breakup, but apparently it's all over as she's moved on to Jason White - more familiar territory for the single mom.

"Emily tried something new, dating Jef," says a pal, who apparently isn't shocked.

"She is going to go back to what she knows and considers safe."

Donna zimple harmon

Need to hang it up Emily. FAME WHORE is right.!!!! Just goin right down the line........I hope I never see your face on TV again.....I' m over your sweet little charm,.... my a$$......Those poor guys out there.....


That high-maintenance fame whore Emily Maynard has no idea what she's in for dating this fella. I hear that Jason White is a notorious P-L-A-Y-A. Trust me...that Jason dude is gonna pour on the charm all over Emily just long enough to get her into bed (or whatever) and then dump her. Then Emily's gonna know what it feels like to be PLAYED. KARMA, PEOPLE!!!!!

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