Dr. Phil is a Fascist Dictator, Staffer Claims!

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Dr. Phil McGraw is a temperamental, tyrannical, borderline fascist dictator, according to a source on the set of the TV blowhard's popular counseling show.

According to the mole, Dr. Phil explodes with anger when things aren't done his way, yelling at employees, guests and even long-suffering wife Robin.

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"He's like a fascist dictator on a set of quivering female servants," the insider said.

"There seems to be a reason he hires a nearly all female staff… he seeks out the vulnerable type that's reliant on their paycheck from him so they don't fight back."

"You can feel the fear on the set."

The insider claims that while Dr. Phil acts like he's there to help his guests, he actually intimidates them into getting the sound bites he needs for high ratings.

Okay, sometimes Dina Lohan just provides them willingly, but usually it comes down to bullying by the so-called good doctor, who knows just what he's doing.

"Guests often seize up once they get in front of Dr. Phil because he's so intimidating. He's nothing off camera like he appears on camera," the source said.

"Before he gets to the sound bite he's looking for there's no sense of a gentle, sympathetic, professional view ... he'll bully the guest off-camera until he gets what he needs."

Dr. Phil, 62, is labeled by the insider as egomaniacal, confrontational and emotionless.

"It's all about feeding his narcissistic enormous ego. It's his way and everyone else bows and stays clear," the source said. "The [staff] thinks he's an absolute pig!"

"There are camera men that used to work for him - who will do any job they can get - that flat out refuse to work with him again because of the way he treats his staff and guests."

The TV shrink and Robin's marriage has reportedly suffered, as well.

"While Dr. Phil is filming an interview or segment, Robin will sometimes just sit in a back corner watching," the source said. "She has absolutely no say in the way things are run."

"When Dr. Phil flips out or gets aggressive, Robin just sits there with a sad look on her face like she doesn't agree, but can't speak up because she's just as fearful of him!"

The dictator has yet to respond to these allegations.


I don't know if we are watching the same Dr. Phil but I love him and his show. He's funny, charming, and smart.


Of coure he is, a pompous arrogant pugnesious over-bearing medical nazis - not to mention control -freak complete with his old stand by -his mantle of power in America "- the act of medical persecutionism which allows him to dare i say strip his patients of any civil and human rights because he deems them to have a health problem, such as addiction. This legislation is a complete violation of the UN Human Rights and Dignities Legislation. But who cares in America, civil rights activists such as who:- Oprah Winfrey, Madonna, no Dr Phil is a sweet-heart and a close confidiant. Americans need to wake up to what is going on in their republic. Medicare for profit is not the way and Dr. Phil is living proof of whats wrong in their society. Dr Phil makes his celebritity medical practise illegally in the State of California with no medical creditials valid in that state as a medical consultant or self professed guru. His is licensed to practise/give medical consultantions in the State of Texas exclusively, but hey that doesnt stop him from coming to Canada and giving his medical consultions here either, with no valid medical creditials in Canada.
Personally in my opinion he is a snake-oil salesman, a slick-willy of the American medicare for profit system who has found a way to capitalize and celebritize himself with his media heirum of outlets made availabe through his emergence on Harpo Productions , then onward and upward to his own show with King World Productions. He is a total state-head:- for the state, by the state, of the state, not the people. Bigwig quack now promo-ing what evers on the states wishlists. Dr NWO or in reverse OWN Network quack now loose in our world through global media outlets to the fininical benefit of who, Harpo Productions, KingWorld Productions and yes even OWN Network Productions. This has been a lucrative corporate campaign from the day he showed up on the set of Harpo Productions and nothing more important than that for those involved.


This THG article is further proof that Dr. Phil has been out of control for years. Back in the day, he made life H-E-L-L for his (now) ex-wife during their divorce proceedings. And, over the years, he has thrown so many people under the bus in terms of business dealings (or whatever). Most of all, I feel so sorry for Robin for being miserably married to such an insufferable jackass. Robin...girlfriend, you deserve WAY BETTER than that arrogant idiot!!!!!


I don't need to know too much of this Fat Pig, but I already can see that he is a bully pig, when he interviews his guest, he does not even care about what's goes on he just wants to dig deeper and make his guest feel stupid and low. He was lucky to have Oprah to help him get his 1 minute fame. If not he is nobody! Well if he carries the way he is, he will be the most unpopular TV host in the history of America. In actual fact that deep down he himself is the most insecure and unhappy person because of that he is trying so hard to pin others down... what a sad man.


I wish I could get an official Dr. Phil Show hankie!
I can't even find them on EBay.

Sue bowles
@ Zorbitor

go on his show, and cry.


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