Disappearing Romney: Site Tracks Mitt's Lost Facebook Fans

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Mitt Romney was on the wrong end of the 2012 presidential election results.

Now, adding insult to injury, his Facebook numbers are dropping like mad.

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A new site, DisappearingRomney (dot) com, tracks the GOP candidate's bleeding of "Likes" on the social media site - which once topped 800 per hour - in real time.

Two graphs, “Recent Like Count For Mitt Romney” and “Real Time Like Count for Mitt Romney,” illustrate Romney's downward trajectory as it happens.

12,041,819 people like Mitt Romney. Wait, 12,041,814 ... 12,041,811 ...

President Barack Obama, for his part, is at 33,255,180 and climbing.

Not everyone is a fan, of course ... namely the woman who's Obama Facebook slur and assassination threat got her fired from her job at Cold Stone Creamery.


Thanks to post about fans on Facebook. I've been using socialbakers, hootsuite and socialkik to increase my followers and fans.


@Matthew. You have no credibility. Days ago you
posted a win for Romney and he lost in an electoral
landslide! And why do you think only Republicans
have money and work? Your side galvanized to
remove the President but our side won. Women, Jews,
blacks, whites, Hispanics, students,etc all came
together and rejected your politics. What does that
tell you? You are desperately holding onto a time
that no longer exists. Like Wendell said, stop whining
and don't make predictions. You got the big one wrong. Why should we take YOUR word for anything???

@ Linda Sterling

Obama didn't win in a landslide in popular vote which really takes the electoral temperature of the country. It was a razor thin win. No clear mandate. Now let's see if your precious Obama can reach across the aisle and really work with the Congressional folks who were elected to represent the values and interests of roughly half the nation..and I'm not talking Democrats. Me? Hell, honey, I'm not holdin' my breathe! Bottom line: Though Obama won...the nation lost in so many ways. As Rev. Wright once said, "America, you're chickens have come home to roost." Fasten your seatbelt Lindy Lou it's gonna be a bumpy ride!!!!

@ Jayhawk

Obama beat Romney by 5 million votes, much less than your boy Gee Duh!bya did in 2004, & he claimed a mandate, so I think you're just spouting sour grapes, & sore loser rhetoric because you can't stand it that the Rpublicans lost the national election, as well as seats in both houses of Congress. Here's some facts for you to chew on.
Final Vote Count:
Obama - 65,587,153
Romney - 60,848,333


With this phony, Obama, in office, the country is in for a rough ride until he is finally impeached.

@ allsaints45

Dream on cowboy. Obama will not be impeached, so you're just a dickhole pretending to be a human.

@ allsaints45

Allsaints45 Phony? You're an idiot. Obama's not going away, he's not going to be impeached. Deal with it. We have a black president, too effing bad! You should also deal with your racism and your anger. You are seriously a horrible person.

@ allsaints45

your fear is showing. Instead of whining, maybe you should get a job.


You will never see a post election interview from Sore Loser Mitt just like you'll never see the massive Mormon charity lift a finger for the victims of hurricane Sandy.

@ Matt

Neither will republicans- you people voted for Obama now let him dig you out of this mess- the giving days are over!

@ Matthew

"When you fall- you will receive no help! Just like Sandy victims!" Because thats the Republican way

@ Matthew

Your right about the repubvillains they're broke
From spending over a billion dollars trying to
Remove one man who proved that money has
No real power over the voice of the people.
Get over it ,stop whining man up

@ Wendell caleb

Man up? Wtf would a liberal gay marriage fan know about being a man. Broke- your kidding right? A few give millions to the campaign and you think everyone is broke? Republicans are plenty well off- we work - we save and we will not be giving much of anything more as a result- you'll notice as the months go. Your president is so in over his head. Half his key staff is leaving- jumping ship because they know unemployment will reach 12% by the end of 2013. You fools- just like a sorry worthless liberal- no interest in working! When you fall- you will receive no help! Just like Sandy victims!

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