Dancing With the Stars Results: The Winner Is ...

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Melissa Rycroft. Shawn Johnson. Kelly Monaco.

The fall season of Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars came down to tonight, with the Olympic gymnast and soap opera star seeking their second Mirror Ball.

Did they add to their trophy case? Or did The Bachelor winner enter the winner's circle for the first time after entering part two of the finale as a slight favorite?

Dancing With the Stars Finalists!

Based on Monday's Dancing With the Stars scores, Melissa held a narrow edge, but all have been so consistently solid, America couldn't really get it wrong.

Or could we? After one final performance and tens of millions of votes, the final Dancing With the Stars results show of 2012 is in the books. Your winner is ...

Melissa Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani!

With the competitors getting their dance-style instructions less than an hour before hitting the floor Tuesday, the field was soon whittled down to two couples.

Kelly Monaco was eliminated, leaving Shawn Johnson and Melissa Rycroft.

In the end, it was Melissa who brought home the title in a tight race.

Amid showering confetti, the former Bachelor star and Dovolani clutched the trophy; he had labored through 14 seasons without previously winning it.

What do you think? Did the right woman win? Comment and tell us below:

Do you agree with tonight's Dancing With the Stars finale results?


Now all the rumors about it being fixed I'm starting to wonder about. I really like Kelly, but after seeing Shaw, I think she should of won. I can't believe that Melissa got that many calls. Does anyone remember the very first one when Kelly won and the one guy whined and whined till they did it over and then he won! I'm beginning to think it's fixed also.


this is the first time i was ever conflicted over who i wanted to win ... i would have been happy with either melissa or shawn. sad that one had to lose but all were winners in my book!


I cannot say I was surprised that Melissa won. I think some of her votes were because she has never won. I think Shawn and Derek deserved to win, but I still congratulate Melissa for the win. Since I work at DISH on Tuesday nights, I always have to wait until the morning to watch DWTS. With my DISH Hopper, I can use Auto Hop since DWTS is recorded with the PrimeTime Anytime feature. I get through DWTS in less time, since it skips over the commercials for me, and I still have time to get the kids off to school. Melissa was a good dancer, but Shawn was a little bit better.

@ cheri

Shawn has more versatility than Melissa ever will, and she and Derek always "wowed" the crowd with the bold, daring, and difficult acrobatic moves. Tony was wobbly several times while holding Melissa off the ground -- they lacked Derek and Shawn's precision. Melissa will always be limited to dancing like a cheerleader.


Melissa & Tony were terrific, but the fans have it wrong. By far, Shawn and Derek should have been crowned the winners. They were an audience favorite. What happened. I guess fans thought they had a shoe in and didn't vote. SHAWN & DEREK ARE THE WINNERS IN MY BOOK!


I am still jumping of happiness for you Tony and Melissa!, All the three beautiful girls are perfect dancers, but the winners were chosen just in the right way.. Congratulations Tony and Melissa, I love you. Felicidades y salud!!!


Love Melissa BUT as for Toni I hope he takes the trophy and retires on a high note because he is out of his league. And the judges should watch themselves too because they could get the show cancelled - shame shame on you! Shawn and Derek as far as I am concerned you won guys!


Melissa deserved to win!!!!


MELISSA all the way!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!


I'm terribly disappointed disappointed


what do you expect with a former cheerleader. oh well chickletts won! put some weight on you look like a corpse

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We should have started dancing with one arm waaay before.

Cristian de la Fuente [following his injury, trip to the hospital and subsequent stellar performance]

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