Chris Brown Fans Are Insane: But Why?

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Chris Brown fans are likely the Twitter world's craziest, as they proved once again this week with a barrage of insults and death threats directed at Jenny Johnson.

Why is that? Simply put, because they're Chris Brown fans.

It's Chris Brown Yo

If you need a refresher: Johnson, a comedian and frequent Chris critic, got his attention over the weekend by labeling him a miserable piece of $h!t.

She received a vile Chris Brown Twitter rant in response, after which he peaced out of Twitter and Team Breezy began calling for Johnson's murder.

So why do Chris Brown fans act so absolutely insane on Twitter?

They take cues from the singer they worship, experts believe.

"You're not going to see the same thing, as broadly, with people who have a different image," says USC professor Leo Braudy, author of The Frenzy of Renown: Fame and Its History.

"This won't happen among Brad Pitt or George Clooney fans."

Probably not, as those two actors aren't going around Tweeting things like "Bitches be crazy" or "Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d--k HOE."

Stars attract fans in their own vein and vice versa, experts say. However the celebrity behaves, it tends to come back, like an echo chamber, from the fan.

On social media, where fans feel closer to an idol than ever before, this phenomenon is only enhanced. Anonymity also breeds what some consider verbal rape.

"On Twitter, fans feel that celebrities are intimate relations, like family," Braudy says.

"You hurt my brother, so I'm going to get you. And with fans of Chris Brown, their attacks and defenses are going to be extreme, because he's so extreme."

Perfectly logical. And terrifying.


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What I think all his fans need to realize is.. HE DOESNT REALLY CARE ABOUT YOU. He doesnt even know your names. You might feel like HE is YOUR family but he does not feel the same. He doesnt care about anyone but himself. He is only using you because he likes that you act like he does. Please, fans of Chris Brown.. Grow up. I mean that. One day you will realize he doesnt give a hoot about you, so please dont be surprised. You can go on and on about how YOU feel about him, but he doesnt pay attention to you personally, he does not feel you are part of HIS family. Have you talked to him personally, one on one (on twitter or whatever)? If you did, does he keep in touch? I didnt think so.


It's not even past..It's pass cause its gone for how long now.It's sliding


@samantha The last part of your comment you should take that and tell the lady who went for chris brown on his own twitter. F*ck all who wants to defend the lady.. He was minding his own buisness when that ho purposely came to mess around him and you expect for him not to say anything? hmm? I don't care what he did in the pass..That's why it's called PASS for a reason..


"..his fans are extreme, because he's extreme." experts say. Agree to disagree. Have these experts studied other fanbases other than those of actors like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and musicians like Chris Brown? If they studied other artists' fanbases, like Ariana Grande's, Greyson Chance's, and others like them, you'd see that they're just as bad. May i add that Ariana, Greyson, and those other artists seem to be very kind & don't tweet anything profound and violent. Chris' fans act like that simply because they're typical fangirls. They stand behind their idols. Even though what they say & do might be wrong, they still stand behind them. Doesn't matter if they're Chris Brown's fans or fans of any other person. These "experts" know nothing of what they're talking about.


Lol wait wait wait… so because he beat a girl, his fans are going to beat a girl.. I mean that is the logic that you are using correct? Have you ever thought that maybe his fans are so extreme and back him is because they have been behind him since day one, so when all the crap when down and they defended him and got crap for it they just became more attached as a fan. So me, as a Chris Brown fan since the day Run It came out, which has now been 7 years so I'd say I'm pretty attached to the guy, and everyone else who has been a fan for that long is probably going to be pretty attached to the guy. I'm always going to be a fan, and the reason people lash out so badly is because of all the attacks people STILL after 3 years make on Chris Brown. I'm pretty sure they both have gotten over it yet no one else can and whenever somebody feels down about themselves they feel the need to stir something up by including Chris Brown. So please take a long look in the mirror and tell yourself honestly that you are perfect and have never made a mistake and have never asked for a second chance. Now, since I'm a fan of Michael Jackson, I'm about to go touch a lot of adolescent boys. Completely ignorant people.


I'm a fan and I'm not psychotic. I am as human as Chris Brown. If someone calls me or my family a "piece of Sh i t." like this LOSER comedian did, then he/she would get a tongue lashing and thats that. Only human nature to defend yourself. So be careful how you treat your fellow human being, because you'll only get what you give and a one upper!


His fans are the only ones that sicken me more than he does. What he did and continues to do is inexcusable, but his fans are just psychotic. They threaten people, bully them, make death threats, and more. Why do these vindictive fans of his think it’s alright to make threats against someone’s life? Anyone caught making a death threat or threats of bodily harm should be arrested and charged with something. Maybe then people would take their internet words more seriously.

@ Samantha

@samantha The last part of your comment you should take that and tell the lady who went for chris brown on his own twitter. F*ck all who wants to defend the lady.. He was minding his own buisness when that ho purposely came to mess around him and you expect for him not to say anything? hmm? I don't care what he did in the pass..That's why it's called PASS for a reason..

@ Samantha

You are so ignorant assuming all of his fans make threats. Certain members of his fanbase are NOT the only ones to do so - you'll find that along with Justin Bieber's, Rihanna's, Beyonce's etc. And I've seen plenty of people make threats on Chris' life, but I suppose that doesn't matter because it's Chris, right?


i love chrisbrown


A bunch of sheep following an ignorant shephard, If something happens to her I hope he is held liable.