Chris Brown Dresses as Islamic Terrorist For Rihanna Halloween Party

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Chris Brown, a man already linked to violence and destruction on a regular basis, hit up Rihanna's Halloween party last night dressed as ... a stereotypical Islamic terrorist.

Here's the singer and his crew, Taliban style:

Chris Brown, Terrorist Costume

The 23-year-old and his pals donned beards, turbans and fake guns as they made their way to a TSA Watch List Greystone Manor in West Hollywood.

"Ain't nobody F--king wit my clique!!! #ohb," Chris tweeted, classily.

Chris Brown himself hasn't commented beyond that, but his mother, Joyce Hawkins, weighed in: "HALLOWEEN IS FOR FUN NOTHING MORE THAN JUST FUN."


CB and Rih Costumes

Thanks, Joyce. We'll do that. It's not like your boy goes out of his way to court controversy.

Halloween is the time for shock value, but still. You'd think a convicted woman-beater with obvious rage issues might opt for a costume a little less provocative.

You know, like Green Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Or Karrueche Tran.

What do you think of Chris' costume? Good fun or goodness, what is he thinking?


Okay look I don't really have anything against Chris Brown because well just whatever. He did something wrong once three years ago and he isn't my problem. That being said I think the costume was well a stupid choice and really insensitive. However, that isn't because it's him it's because I think it's a dumb costume choice for anyone. Reply if you agree.


I do not know what is going on. But, I just leave Chris Brown and Rihanna alone. Let them live their life and choose what they want to do.


He hit a woman once three years ago and break a window at ABC,I'll like for u to tell me when he did it again?All u media people need to give the young man a fing break,because I could bet if we get a look into ur lift it not nice,half of u take drugs,cheats,and ur kid is no different!Charlie Sheen,MnM beat woman and their wife they have kids with them,and not a word about it!but everytime u guys have something negative to say about Chris brown!That costumes is sell all over,y don't the media go after the retailers.


First off Angel didn't use a single period in your "opinion". Please work on that. Secondly, when you are a celebrity you cast yourself in the light of the public. When you admittantly BEAT a woman (or a man) you become toxic. People like you and I are involved in their relationship because A. they allowed it, and B. we have opinions. It is a bit shocking that Rhianna, as strong as she is, would throw herself back into harms way. Many young girls look up to her and the concern is what kind of message is she sending. As for the costume, its disgusting. With all the hate going on in the world was tasteless. We are reminded of 9/11 every minute of every we really need a celebrity turning the knife even harder. He is pathetic and a waste of talent. I

@ Jess

Over 36% percent of relationships in America have some form of domestic violence between couples. When you judge people who struggled with domestic violence, you are judging our neighbors, our family members and our friends! Examples of "toxic" people who engaged in violence in their relationships: Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love, Eminem, Liza Minnelli, Sean Penn, Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), and the list goes on and on. Get a life! Many people all over the world engage in violence in relationships and learn how to manage and deal with their feelings as they mature. Thankfully, most people have critical thinking and realize that people can make mistakes and move on! Obviously, you are not one of those people.

@ Jess

What in the HELL does "admittantly" mean? How are you going to insult someone while making up words? I assume you meant "admittedly" because what you typed isn't in any dictionary I've ever seen. Thanks for the laugh and please check yourself before slinging insults.

@ Jess

Jess u a chold because to say that remind u of 9/11 u just sad,that is how these people dress,so make it out to be that,u sound white so snort a line,all Chinese have small penis,black people are thiefs,Spanish people are from Mexico work for cheap!stop making judgement,look in the mirror!do u love what u c


Well their obviously are still in love with each other and because its their relationship they should decide on their own Rihanna is still in love with chris and Chris is still in love with her so I think they don't need other people telling them what they should do or telling Rihanna that she shouldn't go back out with him other people need to think about their own relationship instead of trying to control somebody else's and don't even know them talking all this crap about theirs take your own advice Thanks

@ Angel Wortham

Alright, this is irksome. I see a lot of idiots here. Here, how about I give you a military perspective. You know, someone who actually doesn't sit back and talk about celebrities dressing like an armed terrorist and actually goes out and actively kills them. Now, take a soldier who has severe PTSD, he sees this bunch of cool cats dressed and looking as if they're armed. Halloween or not, PTSD doesn't discriminate my fine friends... And he opens fire, being that he was former military, not a single shot misses center-mass. Kills all five of them... Well, that's more along the lines of what I wanted to happen. Now, as for some of the comebacks to Jess. If your neighbor is beating his wife, guess what, that's jail time. Straight up, no play-play, no jokey jokey. It's illegal, period. No one is defending -any- of the stars you brought up and what they've done. No one has brought them up other than people using it as an excuse to excuse Chris of his own illegal activity. Man oh man... Sadly, I haven't seen a person here that actually has a workable defense and usually falls back on establishing issues with grammar, or bringing up names like they have a part to play. They don't. Keep on subject. He dressed as a terrorist, something obviously meant to provoke strong feelings in people. It wasn't an accident, or him having fun, he was intentionally trying to piss people off. Now, while I highly doubt anyone is going to comment on this anytime soon, I have to say, if you come at me with 'no et wsnt, he jst havin fn. its haloween.' Really? So if I dressed up like Hitler, got on TV, you'd defend me? While I do feel it is in his right to dress however he wants, it is after all, under the first amendment, qualifying it as 'Freedom of Speech.' But again, it was intentional. Some of the people here would call him a 'Troll.' Depending on how long they've been on the internet. Now, back to his character since that seems to be the argument that's being brought up. If I ever was brought face to face with the man, I'd probably broke his nose and crack a few of his teeth. My reasoning? If a man can hit a woman, he can take a hit himself, now... If there were some other circumstances... After all, I believe in equality, if his ex had spit on him, hit him with an object, not her first... He'd best just grapple her if she was swinging. No real need to go for blunt force trauma. Eh, I'm talking too long to a bunch of morons who probably aren't capable of understanding what I'm talking about, or attempting to explain to them. Apologies for hurting your brains.

Carol hoousendove

I have never seen such HATER'S in my life. Let this couple do as they please.

@ Carol Hoousendove

I could not have agreed more Carol. We all humanz, we make mistakez n tha only person who should b judgin n 4givin them iz Almighty God. Haterz, backbiterz, n all u sinnerz (which we all r) who talk tha most attention 2 ur situationz n leave tha young couplez 2 b!!!! #%BLESSED%#


Whose to say he isn't? After being a terrorist to Rihanna one evening may have been his warm up.


Really out of all costumes this was his choice. That's not even funny, but then again look who we're talking about. This is sick and they should band people dressing like this for Halloween. It's not a costume!


Don't expect any more from this guy who is not only tasteless but clueless. He's a real pice of work!


How on earth did this know-nothing ignoramus get to be 'famous'? I don't ever want to see his face in the media again.

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