Carrie Underwood Tour Date Giveaway: Win Two Tickets!

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We're back with another Carrie Underwood concert giveaway.

Once again, THG has teamed with AEG Live to offer one (1) lucky reader two (2) tickets to an upcoming show featuring this American Idol winner and opening act Hunter Hayes.

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How can you be eligible for this giveaway?

  1. Visit the official Carrie Underwood tour date page for more information on the tour.
  2. Log-in to The Hollywood Gossip and/or create an account. Only registered users are eligible.
  3. Respond to the following question in the Comments section below: With whom would you most want to see Carrie sing a duet?
  4. We will select one (1) reader who follows these steps and offer him/her two (2) tickets to ANY of the dates listed below. You decide. We supply the tickets.

THG will select the winner on Monday, June 12 and will not cover any expenses related to the trip.

Best of luck - and follow the jump to find out which tour dates the winner will be choosing from.

Feb. 13: Colorado Springs, CO
Feb. 14: Broomfield, CO
Feb. 17: Boise, ID
Feb. 19: Bilings, MT
Feb. 21: Spokane, WA
Feb. 22: Yakima, WA
Feb. 25: Oakland, CA
March 2: Las Vegas, NV
March 3: Ontario, CA
March 5: Fresno, CA
March 8: Rio Rancho, NM
March 21: Richmond, VA
March 23: Roanoke, VA
March 25: Hershey, PA
March 28: Hamilton, ON
March 30: Kingston, ON
April 2: St. John, NB
April 9: Portland, ME
April 11: Youngstown, OH
April 13: East Lansing, MI
April 14: Ft. Wayne, IN
April 16: Greenville, SC
April 17: Columbus, SC
April 19: Augusta, GA
April 20: Jacksonville, FL
April 23: Houston, TX
April 25: San Antonio, TX
April 27: Cedar Park, TX
April 29: Lafayette, LA
May 2: Bloomington, IL
May 3: Milwaukee, WI
May 8: Charleston, WV
May 10: Rockford, IL
May 12: Omaha, NE
May 13: Sioux City, IA
May 15: Winnipeg, MB
May 18: Edmonton, AB


I would love to see Carrie Underwood to do a duet with John Mayer. They both are very talented and could make for a powerful duet that would blow everyone away. John Mayer can not only sing great, but is one awesome guitarist... if you were to add Carrie's vocals to it, it would be an instant smash and one song that would not be forgotten. It would also mean a lot to me, personally, because I was going through some hard times this past year with family issues. I was able to cope through these issues with the help of both Carrie and John's music. From Carrie Underwood's "So Small" to John Mayer's "The Heart of Life," both of these musicians have impacted my life in more way than one... and if they did a song together, I think they'd make an impact on more people than they'd think (it would also make a big impact on the charts!).


Also- Congrats to Carrie on All of her accomplishments! Very Impressive!


Actually- to be completely honest- I would like to see Carrie Underwood sing a duet with...well- no other than Me! As a Country Music Artist myself- I Idol Carrie and have been a loving fan since she won American Idol! She is an Incredible and inspirational Artist- A True Inspiration to the artist within my heart and soul. Carrie is a Beautiful Person and Role Model to Girls of all Ages....Everywhere! Even this Girl- 25 years old- Scout Leader and a Native of Denver...Mom! Way to Go Carrie! Hope to see you in Broomield, Colorado!


I would like to see carrie do a duet with TAYLOR SWIFT! That song would be so flawless and a LOT of people would buy it for sure!!


I would love to see Carrie do a duet with my favorite singer Hunter Hayes. They are both such great singers it would be an amazing duet.


I would love to see her sing a duet with jason aldean.


Taylor Swift & Carrie Underwood both are flawless when it comes to break up tunes dealing with retaliation. If the two did a song together, that would call for one damn good revenge song.


I'd love to hear Carrie sing a duet with Chris Martin of Coldplay. I think they'd kill it. I saw youtube videos of her covering Fix You while she was touring overseas and it was amazing.


I would love to see Carrie duet with Kelly Clarkson ;)


I would love to see Carrie and Hunter Hayes sing a duet together!


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Carrie Underwood, Bangs
Carrie Underwood, a native of Checotah, Oklahoma, rose to fame when she was named the winner of American Idol Season 4. Then Carrie... More »
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