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My favorite song is Inside Your Heaven because it reminds me of my uncle who died on April 12, 2007 and my great grandma who died on September 26, 2011. Every time I hear this song, I'll always think of them and their life. This song holds a special place in my heart.


My favorite song is Good Girl because I can relate to that song. No girl deserves a guy that treats her bad. I love all of Carrie Underwoods songs!!


I love 'Before he Cheats'. The song just rocks out and fun to sing along with.


I love 'Before He Cheats'. The song just rocks out and fun to sing along with.


One of my favorite Carrie Underwood songs is Blown Away. I understand what it's like to feel so beaten down that you would give anything for things to get better.


My favorite song is "Good Girl" because it talks about how a girl is better off without a guy that is no good for her. I was going through that, so it is a song that i could relate too.


My favorite song is "Jesus Take The Wheel" because it was one of her first songs and i can relate to it.


I love the song "I Ain't in Checotah Anymore". She remembered where she came from and where she was at the time when she recorded her first CD. It would be great to hear her write a song relating to her hometown now.


My two favorite songs are
Just a Dream-I was in love with a soldier were supposed to get married have kids have a family and three days he died. It never felt real until I was at the funeral.

Temporary Home-I was living in place where I knew I wasn't wanted wasn't worth seeing or looking at from anybody so this song saved me from just waiting to get where I belong and people who loved me.


Like many "one" of my favorite songs from Carrie is Jesus take wheel. Last August I was faced with breast cancer and I just remember feeling like that song really hit home. It makes you sit back and realize what is important in your life.

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