Carrie Underwood Concert Giveaway: Win Free Tickets!

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Carrie Underwood will soon hit the road - and we're offering readers the chance to cheer her on from an arena near you!

THG is teaming with AEG Live to give away TWO Carrie Underwood tickets to one of her upcoming concert dates. Which one? It's up to you!

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Here's how the contest works:

  1. Visit the official Carrie Underwood tour date page for a look at where and when she'll be playing.
  2. Log-in to The Hollywood Gossip and/or create an account. Only registered users are eligible.
  3. Respond to the following question in the Comments section below: What is your favorite Carrie Underwood song and why?
  4. We will select one (1) reader who follows these steps and offer him/her two (2) tickets to ANY show on the tour date calendar. You decide. We send the tickets.

That's all it takes! Contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only and winner is responsible for any travel and accommodation expenses.

We will select the winner on Wednesday, November 7. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have selected a winner! Congratulations to Jocelyn Turner, who wrote:

My favorite Carrie Underwood song is "Don't Forget To Remember Me." I played that song many times as I drove from Maine to Florida for college, and again from Orlando to L.A after college. My mom didn't think I should go to L.A but instead, like Carrie's song she supported me despite worries. I sold everything I owned to finance my trip. Three months later I was forced to admit defeat. The money was gone and despite my efforts no job had materialized. Even from Maine Mom raised my spirits, and brought me home.

Now I live at home and barely make enough to pay my $1100 loan payments each month. I am unable to help with rent or groceries. My mom struggles to make ends meet and worries what will happen if I can't pay my loans. Still she pushes me to find ways to save so I can "try again". When I do - Carrie's song will be playing.  It would be nice to do something special for mom. This entry is for her. She deserves so much. She's too important in my life to ever "forget to remember."


I love songs like this from play on , it is just such a fun country song


There are so many songs of Carrie underwood that's great so It was really hard to pick one. My favorite song is before he cheats. She is giving guys out there a good message if they cheat on the girlfriends.


There are so many songs of inspiration from Carrie; to choose a favorite is difficult. On her latest album there is a song titled, "Nobody Ever Told You" which speaks to young ladies about being confident in how beautiful you are regardless of the labels society puts out there. I think the message of the song is a great one for all young girls who are trying to fit in to realize that they are all beautiful. I have two daughters and it is because of these types of songs, Carrie is a good role model for them. It makes me happy to know that someone like Carrie is there to provide positive reinforcement.


My favorite Carrie Underwood song is "Undo It" off of her album "Play On". It's very anthemic - a girl power song. It's super relatable and I'm sure every girl has felt the same way at some point. Whenever I'm upset and decide to go for a long run, this song is the one that starts my workout off in a good way.

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My favorite Carrie Underwood song is, "Jesus, Take the Wheel". In a world where God does not come first it is difficult to keep your focus on Him. Carrie talks about situations where the only option you have left is to give Jesus full control.Because he is a perfect God, He is always there for us even when we have turned our backs on Him.There are just some things that are so difficult for us we can't handle them on our own, Carrie even sings, "cause I can't do this on my own, I'm letting go". It is truly a summation of us turning to the one thing we know can help us:God.This was especially true for me when my grandfather died of cancer last year, there were days when I felt overwhelmed and this kind of song brought me solace in my turmoil.Jesus, Take the Wheel is a true testament of letting go and not sweating the small stuff per say.This song ranks high on my charts for its emotional and powerful impact, reinforcing the importance of faith - a concept Carrie doesn't take for granted.


My favourite song by Carrie Underwood is "So Small". After losing my grandpa, I regretted not spending as much time with him. Daily, you have so many people around that you take for granted. You think you will have them forever and then suddenly when they are gone you realize how much you took them for granted. After my grandpa died, I decided to stop taking people for granted. To take every second I have with them and use it. I love Carrie's song "So Small" because it sums up those feelings for me. The realization that w/out loved ones, everything else is "so small". I spent so much of my life being afraid of getting hurt-so you close yourself off, but in the end you just end up regretting everything. Her song sends an amazing message about opening up, being okay with it and letting go. It's about realizing what really are the most important things in life. When I play this song it reminds me of the choice to put my loved ones first, which is one I will never regret.


My favorite Carrie Underwood song is "Temporary Home." This is my favorite song by Carrie because it hits home for me. In 2007 I lost my Grandpa and "Temporary Home" explains exactly how he spent his last moments: "Old man, hospital bed; the room is filled with people he loves." This song has so much meaning to my mom and me and it would mean the world to me to be able to see Carrie in concert and bring my mom along with!


I love a lot of her songs but my 13 yr old is a huge fan and I believe that Carrie is a great role model so I would love to take my daughter to see her


My current favorite Carrie Underwood song is Who Are You in her new album~

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