Carrie Underwood Concert Giveaway: Win Free Tickets!

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Carrie Underwood will soon hit the road - and we're offering readers the chance to cheer her on from an arena near you!

THG is teaming with AEG Live to give away TWO Carrie Underwood tickets to one of her upcoming concert dates. Which one? It's up to you!

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Here's how the contest works:

  1. Visit the official Carrie Underwood tour date page for a look at where and when she'll be playing.
  2. Log-in to The Hollywood Gossip and/or create an account. Only registered users are eligible.
  3. Respond to the following question in the Comments section below: What is your favorite Carrie Underwood song and why?
  4. We will select one (1) reader who follows these steps and offer him/her two (2) tickets to ANY show on the tour date calendar. You decide. We send the tickets.

That's all it takes! Contest is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only and winner is responsible for any travel and accommodation expenses.

We will select the winner on Wednesday, November 7. Good luck!

UPDATE: We have selected a winner! Congratulations to Jocelyn Turner, who wrote:

My favorite Carrie Underwood song is "Don't Forget To Remember Me." I played that song many times as I drove from Maine to Florida for college, and again from Orlando to L.A after college. My mom didn't think I should go to L.A but instead, like Carrie's song she supported me despite worries. I sold everything I owned to finance my trip. Three months later I was forced to admit defeat. The money was gone and despite my efforts no job had materialized. Even from Maine Mom raised my spirits, and brought me home.

Now I live at home and barely make enough to pay my $1100 loan payments each month. I am unable to help with rent or groceries. My mom struggles to make ends meet and worries what will happen if I can't pay my loans. Still she pushes me to find ways to save so I can "try again". When I do - Carrie's song will be playing.  It would be nice to do something special for mom. This entry is for her. She deserves so much. She's too important in my life to ever "forget to remember."


Blown away is my favorite song its just a fantastic song so emotional but absolutely love all her songs she blows me away with her voice!


Jesus take the will and before he cheats my sister and i listened to Carrie underwood on road trips it was oit thing to listen to country and sing as loud as we could! Ishe is no longer with us but i feel her through music. i dont want tickets for a pitty party id like to win them to have a good time and enjoy the concert you asked i told we love carrie underwood and it keeps me tied to my sister feels like it keeps her close i guess.


I absolutely LOVE all of Carrie Underwood's songs! If I had to choose my favorite, it would be Jesus take the wheel. Whenever I am having a hard time or going through a difficult situation, I go into my room and listen to this song. I have loved it from when I was a young girl when my mom first played it on an icy drive home to a mother of two children. This is hands down my favorite song by Carrie Underwood. It would be a major blessing to one of Carrie's concerts! I have always dreamed of it, and this may be my chance! :)


I really can't choose my favorite at all because they are all so brilliant like the woman who sings them, but I have been obsessed with So Small ever since it was released. It is one of those songs that just spoke to me even when I was younger and each lyric gives me the chills, especially, " sometimes that mountain you've been climbing is just a grain of sand,"such a simple lyric si such a large meaning. Truly beautiful.


I really really love all of Carrie's songs. Jesus takes the Wheel may not have been my favorite but is became a very potent song in my life. Thru 2007 and 2009 when ever I went 4 wheeling I would take the small jumps and close my eyes (because I really was a little scared. Si I squeeze my eyes shut and yell out "Jesus take the Wheel. So my friends would laugh and would always tease me about that song, Then in 2010 my daughter best friend died suddenly from a traumatic Brain Injury in a 4 wheel accident. At her funeral the minister said "now we will listen to Lacey's favorite song by Carrie Underwood.and Jesus Take The Wheel began to play throughout the church, Never in my life and I am 50 has my heard felt so totally broker as it did in that moment listening to that song. I put my head in my husbands shoulder and sobberd quielty for the loss of such a beautiful young girl doing something that was one of my favorite passtimes that I took for granted. That song now will forever and ever be my special connection to LaceyI knew ber since her for 18 years. I would love to see Carries concert.


My fav. song is jesus take the wheel! hands down!
She keeps me strong when i have to drive in the winter ( which i am terrified doing)...but due to medical reasons, my husband is unable to drive anymore, so i love when she sings that song while i am in the truck..keeps me strong!


Jesus take the wheel is and always will be my favorite song. i ask this almost everyday because to many times I have turned the wheel the wrong way. I think Carrie Underwood should do a duo with Elton John. They would should awesome together and it s the unexpected.


My favorite Carrie Underwood song is Jesus take the wheel. This is my favorite song because it reminds me of when my cousins almost died. They were driving home from church on Sunday. It was snowing real hard and the roads were all full of ice. My Aunt lost control and went into a ditch. The car rolled over 3 times. No one was hurt but it was stuck in their minds forever.


ooo goodness this is a good question. I am in love with many of her songs for different reasons. Last Name makes me giggle. Undo it, Before He Cheats, and Good Girl one can just relate to and she sings with such passion. Right now of course Blown Away is my new favorite. Again heart and soul while she sings, makes me feel sad but happy at the same time. Added bonus is the great beat.


My favorite Carrie Underwood song is Before He Cheats! My other half cheated and I feel she's delivers a very strong message in her song. I also love the video.

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