Britney Spears and Jason Trawick: Wedding Called Off?

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Britney Spears and Jason Trawick had been planning a romantic and intimate winter wedding, but the nuptials have been called off, a source suggests.

We highly doubt there was a date set, but these claims from Radar underscore a recent string of reports that Britney and Jason are on the rocks.

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Says the alleged insider of Jason Trawick and Britney Spears:

"They planned to get married at the end of December, but they have been fighting non-stop, so the wedding has now been called off."

"They are botj telling their friends it's just being postponed, but in truth they will probably never make it down the aisle."

"Britney doesn't think Jason is any fun and resents him because he acts more like a second father than a romantic partner, or equal."

"Britney and Jason have been sleeping in separate bedrooms for a long time. She has been staying in a hotel during the week because of The X Factor."

"Even though Jason stays at the same hotel, he's in a room adjacent to hers. Jason feels like he's Britney's babysitter and it's pretty much just a business arrangement at this point. Jason does love Britney and the boys, but just can't see himself spending the rest of his life with her."

"Britney's parents are absolutely devastated that the wedding has been called off. Lynne is very close to Jason and views him as one of her children."

"Meanwhile, [her father] Jamie feels that Jason Trawick shouldn't have proposed to Britney if his heart wasn't in it, and feels a little betrayed."

"It doesn't help matters that both Jamie and Jason are co-conservators of Britney. The whole situation is just sad for everyone."

No official word from Spears' camp about any of this, of course.

But we gotta ask: Will Britney Spears and Jason Trawick last?


britney should find her a new boyfriend


i think they should break up because Jason is too old get married with Britney.when the kids get older the dad would die and only britney and the boys are left so britney if i were should get another boyfriend that is young like you.


I heard that Britney and Jason are going to get married on February 14,2013 on the island of Hawai'i it's cool getting married on a beautiful island and day.


right from the start, i just think Jason is too old for her. he has white hair all over. anyway, they know better. if she loves him with the age difference, that´s fine. but i just hope u guys are also tolerant when older women and younger men are together...


"It doesn't help matters that both Jamie and Jason are co-conservators of Britney." A judge should never have given that to Jason until they were married. Now, no matter what happens, he has access to her $$$ until another court date rolls around. Thank goodness Jamie is still somewhat in the loop for her.


Your kidding right.. actually thought they had got married wtf did he become conservator or co one.. she seems to be doing well as of late xfactor seems good for her.. for lots of reasons.. she is out in the world dealing with people.. all those people making money off her sure never seemed to want that.. she might get hip to all the crap they are pulling.. typical child star crap.. gee (whos to blame for that Disney, her parents.. your choice) .. I think hes sort of spooky really .. I had hoped they luved alas most of us know luv is fleating... and even more in her world

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