Blake Shelton on Chris Brown: Not. A. Fan.

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Blake Shelton is kind of the man.

This is true as a general statement, but particularly if this anecdote is true. According to reports, one of the contestants on The Voice chose a Chris Brown song to sing.

Blake? Not pleased.

Blake Shelton on The Voice

In the feedback after his performance, Blake apparently expressed disappointment that this aspirant Chris Brown song, and the dude did not make it through.

True story? Who knows. But if it is ... wow.

Blake's wife, Miranda Lambert, has been upfront about her feelings about Chris Brown, woman beater extraordinaire, so it's not surprising if Shelton shares her sentiment.

She was one of the only artists at the Grammy Awards who expressed disgust at Brown’s win streak there, and has even called him out personally in concert.

Clearly, Brown's fan base continues to support him, but his assault on Rihanna in 2009 - and his actions and words since then - continue to sit badly with many.


Jealousy beget hatred. Blake and whatever your wife's name is, go get a life! cure your own drunking disease first before you remove the speck in another eye.Not sure this guy knows you exist either, quite using him to further your dead careers, he has not done anything to you and if your life is perfect then stay on your lane and stop being a hypo.


Forgiveness!!!!!!! this guy chris brown is a talented artist. He served his time n paid big time for what happened. Let him live his life n do what he wass put this earth for n that's to perform n to be wit his soulmate!!!
Wat the heck is wrong with Blake n Miranda??? Jealousy?????? Get off ur high horse n mind ur own business!!!!! U prob have skeltons in ur closets . People tat r jzudgemental usually do!


First of many People complained that Chris Brown performed many times on the Grammys not just Miranda. Second, Blake said on The Voice(so everyone knows the answr to this question-not a secret) that he didn't think the Chris Brown song was a good song choose for the older Dad singer. Everyone including Xtina agreed w/ Blake and the singer was cut. This is a non-story article post trying to stir this up?

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