Barack Obama Meets McKayla Maroney, Is Not Impressed

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President Barack Obama met with McKayla Maroney and other members of USA's Fierce Five Olympic gymnastics team - Kyla Ross, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas - yesterday in the Oval Office.

But the Leader of the Free World was not impressed.

President Obama and McKayla Maroney

Emulating the look Maroney made famous on the medal stand this summer, Obama folded his arms and curled his lips alongside the gymnast, promoting McKalya to Tweet soon afterward:

"Did I just do the Not Impressed face with the President?"

Yes, McKayla, you sure did.

We wonder how Obama feels about the Kim Kardashian wedding, the Grand Granyon and many other events/monuments the Internet hilariously super-imposed Maroney into a couple months ago.


he simply knows where a person is capable of...............
so much, much more!!


A Generation of reality shows have finally taken its toll. People think this is all play acting. More Celebrites have entered the oval office than world leaders. The reality of the depth of chaos this nation has in reference to economic breakdown is something obama refuses to embrace. Obamas most prized possession is to have someone to blame and the sheep that will buy into his excuses. You couldn't make this shit up. To think that raising taxes on the 1% is somehow going to make anything better is nothing less than class warfare/insanity! ! If people actually thought that raising taxes on the rich would actually help then we would all say -DO IT! But it won't. It's a band aid on a gunshot wound. Misery- It does love company.


It's a shame more people don't get it but as seems to be the norm today most people don't want too hear the truth

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