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Warning: you might wanna turn away, Selena Gomez.

A couple weeks after Justin Bieber attended the Victoria's Secret Fashion show - which allegedly kicked off the problems he encountered with Gomez because Justin got awfully close to a few of the beauties - a video has surfaced of many scantily-clad women lip-syncing along to "Beauty and a Beat."

We're not saying Bieber actually got physical with Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima or Candice Swanepoel...

... we're just saying it might be understandable why Bieber is having trouble deciding between Selena Gomez and sex with supermodels.

Go backstage with Justin and these lovely ladies now:

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Sex, nudity and jokes about sex and nudity.

Yup, it's almost time for Girls Season 2.

With this smash HBO comedy returning on January 13 with new episodes, the network has unveiled the first extended promo - and it's downright hilarious.

From Hannah wondering if Adam is truly a murderer, to Marnie being put in her place by her mother, the trailer teases everything fans love about about this R-rated series. Sit back and enjoy the craziness now:

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Chris Brown  just caught a huge break, as prosecutors FINALLY decided they will not charge the singer for stealing some girl's phone earlier this year.

A police report was filed against Brown in February for "robbery by sudden snatching" after he allegedly grabbed a fellow club-goer's iPhone in Miami.

Chris Brown Topless

"Bitch, you ain't going to put that on no website," he told her in classic, eloquent Chris fashion.

But after a thorough investigation, the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office "determined we are not taking any type of criminal action," according to TMZ.

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Fresh off a scary car accident and lucky to be alive, Bobbi Kristina Brown has taken to Twitter and compared herself to Jesus Christ.

Yes, that Jesus Christ.

Bobbi Kristina Image

Apparently sick of how she's been treated in the press and by the public, Bobbi lashed out last night, perhaps going a bit too far when writing:

"#LETMELIVE without YOUppl crucifying me?! OH, yes now I remember .. YOUppl did the SAME DAMN THING2 JESUS.& he overcame you ALL. #NOWWATCH."

It's unclear to what, exactly, Bobbi is referring.

The teenager has struggled mightily since the death of Whitney Houston in February, but we haven't seen any outlets treating her like Lindsay Lohan or anything. Most folks seem to understand how hard this must be for the 18-year old.

What do you think? Bobbi comparing herself to Jesus is...


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An Arizona school district has condemned one of its high schools for disciplining two boys for fighting ... by forcing them to hold hands in front of their classmates as punishment.

Hand-Holding Punishment

Earlier this week, the two students at Westwood High School in Mesa, Ariz., who have not been named, were faced with two options after getting into a fight:

  1. Suspension from school
  2. Sitting in chairs in the courtyard and holding hands for 15 minutes during lunch

They opted for the latter, and were ridiculed by their peers.

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Pippa Middleton, everyone's famous royal sister, was caught rocking an ultra high-waisted metallic skirt. Pippa was at a party for British brand W & W Jewellery.

Pippa Middleton High-Waisted Skirt

Miss Middleton is well known for her fashionable choices, but this latest ensemble calls her into question. Then again, her famous derriere isn't even pictured! What does your inner fashion critic tell you?

Do you love it or hate? Vote below!


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With Lindsay Lohan staring down four new charges after her nightclub fight with Tiffany Ava Mitchell, and once again facing the wrath of celebrity gossip bloggers, the very troubled actress has a surprising fellow celebrity on her side:

Demi Lovato.

  • Demi Lovato on X Factor Stage
  • Lindsay Lohan Premiere Picture

In an exchange with Perez Hilton on Twitter, Lovato - who went to rehab a year ago and understands what it's like to struggle in the spotlight - made a plea for the public to stop laying into Lindsay's personal life.

"I really wish we could go back in time when artists were known for their work," Lovato wrote. "Not their personal lives."

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Tiffany Ava Mitchell, the chick who claims Lindsay Lohan punched her at a club this week, is actually a fortune teller. No word if her crystal ball predicted 15 minutes of fame.

Lohan and Mitchell

Mitchell claims Lohan, upset that The Wanted's Max George was flirting with Tiffany instead, hurled a racial slur at her inside Avenue nightclub, calling her a "f**king gypsy."

Tiff's friend shot back at LiLo, telling her Liz & Dick sucked, and that's when it got physical.

Hey, sometimes, the truth hurts ... and guzzling two liters of vodka a day doesn't exactly keep one on an even keel emotionally. Might want to lay off it, Linds.

So who is this girl Lohan popped? According to the Extra ...

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The X Factor results show was not especially kind to Paige Thomas and Vino Alan last night, as the hopeful singers were each sent home.

Did the eliminations take these contestants by surprise?

"I wouldn't say I was expecting it," Thomas told reporters after the show. "But at this point in the competition, because everybody's so good, you can never really expect anything... I'm somewhat relaxed because now I can really just be myself."

  • Paige Thomas Pic
  • Vino Alan Picture

Alan was more direct ("I didn't expect to go home," he said), while admitting he changed his Wednesday night song at the last moment from "Too Close" to "You've Lost that Loving Feeling."

But he holds no grade toward mentor L.A. Reid.

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Larry DePrimo of the NYPD has become an Internet star, and deservedly so, after he was photographed by a tourist buying boots for a barefoot homeless man.

One frigid night this month, he walked by the man and was inspired by buy him socks and boots; the image was captured by a visitor to the Big Apple from Arizona.

Cop Buys Homeless Man Shoes

"I had two pairs of wool socks and combat boots, and I was cold," DePrimo, 25, said this week recalling the night of November 14, when he met the man.

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