Vice Presidential Debate: Who Won, Paul Ryan or Joe Biden?

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The first and only 2012 vice presidential debate has come to an end.

Who do you think was the winner of the showdown in Kentucky?

Biden, Ryan

After last week's presidential debate disaster for Barack Obama, V.P. Joe Biden was tasked with righting the ship, while Rep. Paul Ryan sought to keep Mitt Romney's momentum going.

Which candidate do you think better achieved his goals coming in?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Did Ryan help make the case for Romney and the GOP's views on foreign and domestic issues over this 90-minute tussle?

Or was it Democrat Biden who bettered his boss' chances for re-election?

Share your comments below, and vote in our survey:

Who won the 2012 Vice Presidential debate?


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"HehehehHehehehe Ha Hehehehehehe Hahaha hehehehehe Hahaha Hehehe!" - Joe Biden on serious issues regarding economics, healthcare, and defense.


Joe Biden won hands down


People will give winning to the person they like rather than the truth like how Ryan is younger more people may like him but not looking at who is more truthful and will do the best for the united state ! I think BIden is the one to trust


He gave facts unlike Ryan not giving spacxifics


Who follows this site? Ryan winning the debate? Hardly - every other assessment has Biden wining 2-1. Again, who are you people?



@ J

No, racist are the black people that are voting for him just because he's black. Most don't even know the issues and don't care. Voting for someone based simply on skin color is about the most racist thing I can think of.


Joe Biden may have been smirking and laughing but he was much more specific with the material then Ryan. Ryan had major difficulty backing up facts. Biden was clear and direct with his answers. A little odd..yes. But he won this debate.


Ryan my alex nabors thinks you win i from Trenton Ohio


Ummm, when I just tried to vote for Biden, this site told me I had already voted from my computer...I have never been to this site before in my life. Total malarkey.


Biden is so out of touch with the middle class! I am middle class. Me and many of my friends just got laid off the last few weeks. Guess what? It was a government funded job too!! I am sick of all career politicians. Come on spoke of change last election. I am is making Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, a change? She is another Career Politician. How can you get a change, a real change, if the same players are playing the same game? You really are naive to think you could even possibly come up with different results in the end and she is just one example. All politicians are liars, takers, and not looking after any tax payers well being but their own!