Vice Presidential Debate: Who Won, Paul Ryan or Joe Biden?

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The first and only 2012 vice presidential debate has come to an end.

Who do you think was the winner of the showdown in Kentucky?

Biden, Ryan

After last week's presidential debate disaster for Barack Obama, V.P. Joe Biden was tasked with righting the ship, while Rep. Paul Ryan sought to keep Mitt Romney's momentum going.

Which candidate do you think better achieved his goals coming in?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Did Ryan help make the case for Romney and the GOP's views on foreign and domestic issues over this 90-minute tussle?

Or was it Democrat Biden who bettered his boss' chances for re-election?

Share your comments below, and vote in our survey:

Who won the 2012 Vice Presidential debate?


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Biden won. He appeared knowledgable, wise, deligent and proved his leadership. Ryan did not have enough facts and logic to win this debate


VP Debate Final Score: Ryan 1, Mr.Plugs&Thugs 0

@ Ashraf

FlipFlop -1 or -2 , Thug 0


Biden was very rude. Honestly, the word that kept creeping to my mind during parts of the debate was.. asshole. That's how I think he acted.

@ Drew

Yeah ahd Ryan deserves more if he cant remember the question.


Joe Biden was rude, disrespectful and irritating. He was laughing, smirking, butting in, making fun of Paul Ryan and the TV audience. This debate was not a laughing matter.


Biden appeared very rude and uncourteous and Ryan couldn't even say a sentence without being inappropriately interrupted. Biden appeared more aggressive, but I found it too bullying and as far as foreign policy goes, I don't think it's wise to tell enemies when you are pulling out because all that does is you are giving them the hammer to hit you over the head with, so I agree with Ryan on foreign policy.

@ mary

Why should VP Biden sit there passively and allow Ryan to continue to perpetuate the same lies and distortions to the American People and not aggressively challenge him? Ryan's flat out refusal to answer direct questions from VP Biden and the moderator portrayed him as evasive and untrustworthy so I'm glad Joe took him to task. This is a down and dirty campaign whose tone was set by Romney/Ryan so don't complain when they get spanked!!!

@ lawrence

Why not, Paul did when Biden lied. (over and over and over again) It's all that administration knows how to do.


none, the "vacuum cleaner" won.


I thinks that's Biden is rude to Ryan i thinks that's Ryan should win this i thinks Trenton Ohio my alex nabors



@ Jorge Ullfig

Coming from the guy who is posting in all caps.

@ Ryan

Touché :)

@ B

Amen. Make love, not war, Jorge!

@ Jorge Ullfig

Nobody wants a war, but sticking your head in the ground like an ostrich won't prevent further attacks against us. A peaceful solution would be wonderful, but turning a blind eye to a blatantly hostile power on the verge of nuclear weapons does very little to promote peace.

@ Billy

Two wars masses up the whole economy of the country, people lost their homes, million of people lost their jobs, poverty increased and now talking big that they will reduce trillion dollars debt. How? By starting another war? With our tax money? Ridiculous. We want to stay in our home, remain in our job and bring back our heros from abroad.


Sometimes it is difficult to relate to how changes will affect a person at their level...especially when both parties throw out numbers in the billions and trillons. I can only speak from my knowledge of how Obama care has thus far affected me and my small town. The money that Obama says has been saved by reducing overpayment to doctors has had negative effects in my small town where the majority of the jobs are in the medical field ( we have three major hospitals in a town of less than 100K people). With the reductions in payments to doctors jobs have been eliminated, benefits cut and the economy has been greatly affected...and not for the good. I am one of the fence-sitters, but I do know that where I live we can not afford another four years of Obamacare.


"HehehehHehehehe Ha Hehehehehehe Hahaha hehehehehe Hahaha Hehehe!" - Joe Biden on serious issues regarding economics, healthcare, and defense.