Vice Presidential Debate: Who Won, Paul Ryan or Joe Biden?

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The first and only 2012 vice presidential debate has come to an end.

Who do you think was the winner of the showdown in Kentucky?

Biden, Ryan

After last week's presidential debate disaster for Barack Obama, V.P. Joe Biden was tasked with righting the ship, while Rep. Paul Ryan sought to keep Mitt Romney's momentum going.

Which candidate do you think better achieved his goals coming in?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Did Ryan help make the case for Romney and the GOP's views on foreign and domestic issues over this 90-minute tussle?

Or was it Democrat Biden who bettered his boss' chances for re-election?

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Who won the 2012 Vice Presidential debate?


Ryan won. He was professional, and told Biden and the audience exactly how he and romney planned to do things. Biden is apsycho liberal manic who shoots down everything his opponent has to say. Come on America, do you really want someone like Biden helping leading your country? he's worse than obama. The left just can't really say anything smart to defend obama and biden. And laughing it away like Biden won't help the fact that you can't defend them. even democrats are realizing it


Biden was a total embarrassment. Ryan gave serious
answers to every question. Biden knew he couldn't
and just wanted to play a game and blab about any
and everything and interrupt serious discussion 82
times in a 90 minute debate. Truly a clown.


come on people!!! how did ryan win? that's impossible considering he sucked!!!


Unprofessional rudeness?????? Pleaseeeee... Biden was laughing because he could NOT say what he probably wanted to say. It looks he wanted to "call out" Ryan on his lying.


All the people who say Biden "killed it" etc show a lot about their character. Interesting that they are impressed with pompous unprofessional rudeness.


Totally agree Right Wing has that let them eat cake attitude while they dine on Prme Rib I say FU let us eat STEAK!!!


I have never even been on this site and I tried to vote for Biden and it DID NOT let me. And I also tried voting for Obama-Biden and it did not let me. Anyway, Biden may have pushed his way threw the debate, but he did what Obama should have..pushed, fought, got the issues out there. It is a debate not a meeting. A debate is pretty much an argument, you have to push yourself if you want your voice to be heard. Joe Biden presented more information and it was factual. Making up lies and playing nice wins you nothing. It only makes you seem like a good person to those who do not know any better. Sorry, but those are the facts.

@ Tara

I agree w/Tara


As for Medicare, Biden is not completing the lack of Benefits, taxes & extra expense that obamacare would create for the Senior beneficiaries. Helping to close the Coverage gap for Prescriptions is the sucker way of giving hope to save on expenses but failed to mentioned about the higher Co-Insurance of 6,700.00 plus chiping away or extracting benefits from the Seniors Medical expenses. And they have the gaul to blame this concept on Romney/Ryan. Romney/Ryan's plan at least gives you choice to be consulted by the Financial Professionals with no future taxes


How would u feel if someone was lying to people that u want to fight for infront of ur face? Me, I wouldve punched them to their death. But Biden held his ground. Biden and president Obama needed for 2more yrs. Period.

@ Fayfay

Fayfay, first of all, this is the incompetence of obama voters...presidents get FOUR (4) YEARS NOT TWO!!! And it is sad to know people like FayFay have the opportunity to vote

@ RA

My thoughts exactly my faith in humanity has been restored.


Both parties should stop all this useless bickering and start relating to the masses how they are going to get their country out of it's current turmoil. The general public is more interested in jobs, mortgages and financial stability in order to raise their families. They don't have the wealth of say Romney who probably hasn't worked a day in his life.

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