The Voice Recap: The Battle Round Concludes!

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The Battle Round is finally over on The Voice. Who advanced to the Knockout Round, by virtue of victory in head-to-head musical showdowns or the coaches' steal?

Let's find out right here, right now!

Adriana Louise vs. Jordan Pruitt - "Hot and Cold" (Team Christina)

Winner: Adriana!

Kelly Crapa vs. Michaela Paige - "I Hate Myself For Loving You" (Team Blake)

Winner: Michaela!

Avery Wilson vs. Chevonne - "Titanium" (Team Cee Lo)

Winner: Avery!
Steal: Christina!

Which battle was your favorite Tuesday? Are you excited to move onto the next round? Which singers are your favorites to make it all the way overall on The Voice!


The best battle round so far with Avery vs. Chevonne being the best of the night. I’ve enjoyed The Voice with my wife, and this season’s been great with a strong lead. I didn’t think I would like the show until my coworker at DISH told me how good it was. I got hooked mid season last year and now this season I don’t miss an episode with my PrimeTime Anytime feature. Once it’s been enabled it will record all four major networks on one TV. This means I don’t need more than one receiver anymore and I can free up all the TV’s at home which makes my family happy.

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