The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion Recap: Part Two

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The Real Housewives of New York City reaches its less than explosive conclusion in Reunion Part 2. Who wants blood? Who still wants an apology and who just wants toast?

We break it all down in THG's +/- review.

LuAnn Defends Herself

We revisit LuAnn's alleged night with Tomas in St. Barths and even she has to admit the stories she wove sound ridiculous.  Plus 10.

Jacques was invited to the reunion show but declined to make an appearance.  Plus 8.  I actually think more of him for staying away.

Rest assured, LuAnn says she and Jacques are still together.  I know how worried everyone was over that.

When LuAnn explains everything that happened that night in St. Barths, it sounds almost plausible but Ramona's not about to let it go.  She tells Andy that "LuAnn loves her men and can't keep her hands off them." But then claims she won't take it any further.  Why even go there if she's not looking to stir up trouble?  She even goes so far as to allude that LuAnn has an open relationship.

LuAnn tells her she needs to stop unless she wants blood.

Minus 12. to Ramona who can't stop playing games to get under LuAnn's skin.

Then Carole jumps in on the LuAnn bashing as she wonders aloud why LuAnn would act like that if she was worried what her kids back home might see.  Minus 10.  Carole's one of the more mild mannered Housewives but she does enjoying taking her shots at LuAnn.

Andy asks why Aviva was so upset about Sonja's extracurricular activities in St. Barths but she really didn't have an answer.

Some of the viewer questions were great...

Since George is such a disgusting, inappropriate, dirty old man, isn't it low class to be pimping your friends out to your letch of a father? Plus 13.

Aviva says it's comparing apples and oranges and apparently doesn't regret trying to set up dear old dad with Sonja but wouldn't have done it to good friend Carole.

I'm tired of hearing how much Aviva cares about Sonja.  It simply doesn't ring true.  Aviva acts like she never said any of those horrible things about Sonja, even when they reshow them all.  Minus 15.  Sonja doesn't look like she's  going to be forgiving Aviva any time soon.

Enough about George and Aviva and on to Toaster Gate!

I can't believe we're spending screen time on a toaster oven. Minus 9. Did I mention this season was boring?

Sonja and Heather argue over logos and boxes and oven mitts.  Yawn...

The funniest moment comes when Andy has to point out to Sonja that she might be pissing Heather off.  She backtracks and says she's happy with Heather's work but maybe they shouldn't work together anymore. Ya think?.

Andy stops the show to tell Ramona her lip stick is making her look like a mental patient.  Plus 18.  I love Andy.

Ramona Fixes Her Makeup

Ramona feels that nothing she's done has deserved Aviva's behavior.  Well, maybe not nothing but I won't deny that Aviva is a nutjob.

But Aviva doesn't see it as beating up on Ramona.  She doesn't see her crazy, vicious behavior.  Why does Heather look so pleased watching these two go back and forth?

Andy runs down the litany of the name calling that Ramona has endured from Aviva this season.  According to Aviva, Ramona is ill mannered, malicious, sick, needs rehab, drove Sonja to drink, and disgusts her and don't forget that Aviva's father called her a trailer turd. Yet Aviva wants the apology?  Minus 20.

 Aviva says her mother died of complications due to alcoholism so she admits that she overreacted to Ramona and Sonja's drinking.  OK, we'll cut the crazy woman some slack.

Andy points out that Jill and Kelly always thought Ramona had a drinking problem and he obviously hits a nerve as Ramona flips out on him.  Minus 10.  But Carole and Heather don't see her drinking as an issue..  

Andy asks if the ladies are feeling a sense of resolution now that the season is over. Ramona says feels less resolved than she ever has on a reunion show.

Well, what did you think of the new Housewives?  Would you invite any of them back for next season?  



Bring back the old cast
Aviva is awful, selfish and full of self importance, eho is she anyway her father is a dirty old letch and Heather and Carol are boring


Carole and Heather need to run for the hills. This show isn't about elegant, intelligent, accomplished women. It's about dysfunctional alcoholics and women obsessed by their own importance. It is beyond belief that Ramona and Sonja would behave so disgustingly knowing that their daughters will see the footage. Sonja needs start paying her staff instead of calling them interns - they are free slaves nothing more. The fact that they hate her couldn't be more obvious as they couldn't even comfort her after her meeting with her Ex. Incidentally, I'm surprised he was prepared to be in the same building as her never mind the same room. She is a hideous freeloader and should take her toaster oven and live in it. Luann should not have asked to borrow a dress from Carole's friends and when Carole called her a 'friend jumper' she didn't mean she didn't want to share friends she meant that Luann should establish her own friendship not ride on the back of hers. Quite obvious really. Luann is not stupid so I am sure she didn't actually believe that Carole thought she wasn't good enough to wear the same clothes as Michelle Obama, she was reacting to Luann's suggestion that she offered to wear it to publicise the brand which clearly isn't needed. I notice Mario has been dragged out a lot this series obviously to dispel rumors of his cheating and to try to sell the image that they adore eachother. He is almost as disgusting as Ramona and I really pity Avery - although compared to Luann's children she is an arrogant little madam. I don't think I can watch anymore, Ramona & Sonja really make me nauseous.

Stuck in the moment

bring jill back. get rid of the i love myself maneating sonja. if i were her ex id demand a paternity test. the drunk ramona. carole you are not all that royalty. you married into it. not born to it.. so get over yourself princess. i like aviva and heather. heather you should of said to sonja if she didnt turn up on time , you should of packed up and left her to do her own patent on her little oven.she thinks she the first one to invent one. she needs to look in the, electic shops and catalogues, they are 2 a penny. and sonja show respect. when someone is doing YOU a favour for free. you are the one bankrupt, not heather or her friends who give their time to you for FREE. not raMANO. and aviva is right you do look cheap with her . aviva you were wrong calling them white trash, there is plenty poor white people out there with more dignity than those 2 embarrising drunks.and ya right with ramano. she is a 56 yr old woman who thinks she is still young. she needs an iron on her neck. it has more age than a roman outfit in a museum..


I don't like the new housewives of NY. Bring back Alex and Jill leave Kelly off.


This was the most boring season of RH of NYC. If anyone should be fired it should be Ramona. I did enjoy the show until this season.


Aviva needs to calm down about her father getting "thrown out" from the charity. Seriously, he was escorted out and that's because he wouldn't drop the subject about Ramona apologizing to his daughter. it was the wrong time and the wrong place to do this. And why does aviva act like her dad is a decrepit old man in a wheelchair?! the man screws 20 yr old girls for goodness sake, so he's not that fragile.... but Ramona was overreacting too. George did not grab her in a malicious way, but Ramona just makes me laugh every time I watch her... again and again and again and again..... and again. PS I hate Jill, she has a delusion of grandeur and her interview with Andy just made me want to smack her. Glad she's off the show. The End.


Crazy Adiva and pompous Carole definately need to go. Bring back Jill who kept it more interesting, although I didnt like her on WWHL last night at all!

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