Snoop Dogg Posts Hilarious Anti-Romney Top 10 List

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Snoop Dogg has already endorsed the President, so his political preference is not news ... but this pro/con list for the two candidates is still hilarious.

Predictably, all the "cons" belong to Mitt Romney and not Barack Obama:

Snoop Obama-Romney List

The list was actually created by someone else (@DragonflyJonez) but re-posted by Snoop, and pretty much speaks for itself, even if there are some duplicate entries.

Beyonce and Michelle Obama. Enough said.

Election 2012:


At least SNOOP DOGG supports Sesame Street.


The Obama core group. A species of lower intelligence, and impaired by substance abuse. Mitt Romney for President.


I rely on a year end bonus check that makes up a good portion of my salary. When Bush was in office the tax rate on the bonus was at a whopping 37%. However, once Obama hit office that rate climbed all the way to 47% in one year.
Personally, I care about feeding my family and not if a Presidential candidate has a good "jump shot" or if his wife has a "big butt".
Snoop is a typical liberal, blind to real issues that affect him and his family directly and lost in what they feel is "cool".
To me, cool doesn't matter when I have to feed my family. I used to be a bleeding heart liberal and then I got a real job. Sincerely,
A real American


Snoopdog: You are a bigoted son of a bitch! You know NOTHING about Romney, or the faith that he believes in. You know nothing because pot has killed your entire brain, and you should be ashamed about what you said. The only reason you'll vote for Obama is so you can get a free phone, I bet.

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