Sean Lowe: The Nicest Bachelor Ever!

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Whether 28-year-old insurance agent and former Texas A&M football player Sean Lowe is the most entertaining Bachelor star in history remains to be seen.

Whether he's the most standup guy in show history already seems settled.

Sean Lowe, Emily Maynard

How many other Bachelor stars list religion as their top priority?

Last week, Sean Lowe Tweeted, "Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, and even the powers of hell can't keep God's love away. Romans 8:38 I'd be lost without it."

He puts his money where his mouth/Twitter is, too.

Sean is an investor in The Factory Girl, a handbag company featuring designer Clay Silver and her sister, Jessie, who is the CEO. But here's the cool part:

Through The Factory Girl and his Sean Lowe and Friends organization, he helps raise money for the fight against cancer, raising funds to benefit families.

All under the radar, too.

Last season, while still a contestant on The Bachelorette, Sean paid a visit to Dallas-area girls involved in a children's hospital charity, and Lauren Scruggs, the model injured in a propeller accident.

Again, with no camera crews or media.

Sean also adds that while he did not end up with Maynard as he originally hoped, he "wouldn't trade [my experience on the show] for anything ... it forced me to open up and learn a lot about myself."

"It was very cathartic; very therapeutic."

Now that he's been named The Bachelor, he shouldn't have much trouble meeting interested and eligible women, all while keeping his morals and values intact. Hopefully.

Sean Lowe as The Bachelor: Good choice?


Sean went to Kansas State and played football not Texas A&M. He was on the team that won the 2003 Big 12 Championship against OU.


he went to kansas state ... not texas a&m ...


He COULD be the nicest Bachelor ever, but he is DEFINITELY the most boring Bachelor...
Ben was boring too, but at least Courtney made things interesting. If there isn't a "Courtney" this season, I won't keep watching.
When will ABC stop recycling these reject contestants? Sean wasn't good enough for Emily, why should he be good enough for America???


If I wanted to be thoroughly bored on Monday nights, I would've just watched paint dry, not watch this as*clown grunt on national television. He has no personality. What a joke. This season is going to be just as crappy as ben's was. The only hope they have is if they cast a bunch of psycho's, but he will probably send them home anyway.

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