Robert Pattinson: Still the Sexiest Man Alive!

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This just in: Robert Pattinson is still ridiculously good looking.

The Twilight Saga stud has been voted by Glamour UK as the Sexiest Man Alive... for the fourth year in a row!

  • Eddie Cullen
  • Johnny Depp Sunglasses
  • Michael Fassbender Pic

The actor - and Kristen Stewart's squeeze once again, according to reports - beat out a surprising choice for second place: Tom Hiddleston of The Avengers fame.

Rounding out the top 10 are:

Johnny Depp, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Robert Downey Jr., Taylor Lautner, Paul Wesley, James McAvoy and Henry Cavill.

Do you agree with these results? Among the top five, who is the sexiest?


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What a joke. The guy looks gross and doesn't have good bone structure.


If Tom had a twitter campaign asking fans TO vote for him for this or the glamour poll: 1) he would have won the glamour poll 2) there'll be more than 1293 votes on this thing right now. I had no knowledge about any twitter campaigns from Tom, except him promoting helping Child Hunger and Project Wendy. How dare he! How dare he be a darling to his fans because he still doesn't know the actual size of his fan base!! I'm sure Tom still thinks he's one of those small actors, and in a way he is. People love him, but he still connects with them because he believes that he doesn't have an endless sea of fans and value their appreciation for his work. Don't tell me that there's one person on Earth who doesn't care at all if anyone appreciates something they've put their heart into. We all love to feel appreciated for things we take pride in.

@ racheldartol

There was just one other cause I remember him tweeting about, and that was saving the Bradford Art Deco Odeon Theatre from developers by signing a petition of some sort. And it happened--the city council did scrap the redevelopment plans. Now we're just waiting to see what the renovation plans are and if we can do some fundraising for them as a birthday gift for Tom (bd's in Feb). LOL, he doesn't have to ask. ;-)


For all I know, Tom is very much deserving of his place AND his fans. Even I am so surprised that despite the mass shit that happens every now and then in his fanbase, he still keeps his cool and his love remains unchanged for his army and his fans. That's enough reason for him to be continuously loved.


Tom Hiddleston's second place nod is hardly surprising. He's charming, talented, and well-loved. It's actually surprising that he and Ben Cumberbatch weren't in a close match for first and second as is usual these days. To an earlier poster, tweeting a song of the day, a brief update on a current project, or a worthy charity hardly constitutes sucking up. I believe you'll find many of the fifty gentleman on the original Glamour list do the same.


Guest: You obviously have NO idea whatsoever who Tom Hiddleston is. A, he would NEVER ask for votes on anything.
B, he doesn't have to. Believe me, Hiddle's Army assembles all on its own. And then we sit back and watch his genuine surprise and heartfelt words of gratitude when the results come in. Hardly a "suck-up." He loves his fans - and that is not unseemly. In return, his fans, his real true admirers, are terrifyingly protective of him. Just ask the fake "Thor 2" Twitter account that recently posted a lame joke with his name attached, which prompted a mass flux of hate mail directly to Tom's Twitter account -- when it was learned the account was fake and Tom had absolutely no knowledge of it, the Army let them know in firm but civil terms it was NOT cool, and within two hours (and with some help direct from Marvel), the fakers were GONE. So before you go tossing more accusations around of what's classy and what's not, why don't you get your facts straight?

@ Terry Wylis

Thank you Terry. It is very true Tom does not suck up. In fact when his fans are acting unseemly he becomes very quiet; this means he is ashamed. He can also fight his own battles and he does. Tom knows where his place is and is grateful for it. He is humble and is always saying sorry for things he doesn't need to say sorry for. It is all sincere; if it were not he would not be so kind to his fans and non fans.


Its not surprising when you consider Hiddleston is the only one sucking up to this fanbase to do this sort of mass voting for him via twitter. Other actors keep a classy distance but not him he's forever gushing. Its a canny thing to do but also unseemly.

@ guest

Can you please never approach a computer again?

@ guest

Not sure what you are talking about since I have not seen any reference to this poll in Tom's twitter. Your favorite got 3rd place or something? Or you are the poster from ONTD who seems overly pissed Tom is being nice to his fans. Maybe he once left without signing you an autograph?

@ guest

Wait - why are we equating distance and class? Class, being defined as elegance and good taste, is entirely possible while interacting with the masses. I would quite to the contrary posit that his classiness is not only unmarred by his ability to mingle with seemingly anyone, but it proves that it is legitimate and not the product of some celebrity mystique.

@ guest

Hello good sir. I had no knowledge of Tom's twitter campaign. I voted for him anyhow. I was wondering, are you Johnny Depp? Because I see no other reason for you to be dissatisfied.

@ guest

Mr. Guest, my goodness you have opened my eyes!
You are absolutely right! Tom being nice to his fans and being a gentleman is all a ploy, a dangerous plan that he worked on for so many years in hopes that one day, ONE DAY, he could be voted to the top of a magazine poll so that he can beat that twilight guy. All the other awards and recognition mean nothing. This is the most important thing for Tom. must have him all figured out. Congrats! You win all the awards for being so observant! I have this gold star for you...for being just you! :D

@ another bright guest

Gosh, I love your reaction. You, dear Mr. or Mrs. Person, are absolutely right and the summum of intelligence. A true gold star for you and a good day to all!