Rihanna Wakes Up, Smokes Weed, Tweets Pic in Bed

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When you're Rihanna, this is how you start your day.

Rihanna Smoking Weed in Bed

Smoking a fat blunt in bed is the best way to begin one's morning. Wake n' bake, baby! Tweeting out the image above, the singer captioned, "Breakfast in bed"

Breakfast of champions, you could say.

Could be worse, too. She could have posted a photo of Chris Brown in bed with her. Although the way things are going on that front, give it a couple of weeks.

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She doesn't look a lot better here than on that mug-shot of her after she was beaten up.


Im afraid for Rihanna, she is heading down hill so fast that the breaks cant hold much longer, she was once a beautiful soul, & now she is a lost soul...I pray that she wakes up before she never does...


Not pretty! I remember buying her first album maybe back in 2005 or so that had "Pon De Replay" on it and thinking what a gorgeous girl she was and what a huge star she was going to be. She became a huge star, but she is already looking dissipated and burned out. Too bad. Also, putting out a new record what seems like every few weeks for the past few years has definitely resulted in massive overexposure. I think most people are pretty sick of her, her music, and her tabloid life.


Used to be so pretty and full of life.. now just used up.


Hot mess! What a role model for young girls.


What a terrible role model she is!!!!

@ Mary

who said anything about Rihanna being a role model. Personally, I wouldn't want my children to look up to anyone else besides their parents. We are the role models for our children, so let's not allow entertainers "babysit" our kids. I want my kids to see how hard we work to provide them the opportunity to go to college,have a successful career, and not have to work so hard or live from check to check.


Lol..you gO girl theY can't do nothiNg!!!!I love u RiRi


You're a little ghetto hood rat go away


I'm sick of hearing about this attention-seeking whore.

@ Samantha

That's real "cute" that you would call someone out their name, but you won't show your pic.

@ The Psalmist

She IS an attention craving fame whore. How many of us get up and smoke a blunt in the morning? Lots! How many of advertise it? None. She needs serious help.

@ The Psalmist

Excuse me? Nobody on this website shows their picture. You'd have to be stupid to do it. And I don't know anybody that thinks Rihanna isn't a whore. I also don't know anybody that thinks she has talent.