Rielle Hunter: Moving Closer to John Edwards?

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Disgraced but legally exonerated John Edwards is reportedly planning to move baby mama Rielle Hunter and their daughter close to his home in North Carolina.

Rielle Hunter is Crazy
John Edwards Lies

John and his long-time mistress were actually together after his wife Elizabeth died, but Hunter's explosive tell-all book about their affair torpedoed the romance.

Nevertheless, Rielle and Quinn Hunter are said to be moving close to him.

The two-time presidential candidate, who was found not guilty on campaign fraud charges this year, wants them near his family home to see them more often.

Edwards, who was charged with six counts of using campaign money to fund and hide his affair, initially refused to admit that the little girl was his in 2008.

He was later forced to admit it, but according to Rielle Hunter, he's “a great dad.”

Rielle has lived in a “modest, cozy” home in Charlotte, N.C., but apparently Edwards’ commute from Chapel Hill - 2.5 hours away - was getting to be too much.

“Rielle’s dream is that in time she’ll move into John’s house,” said a source.

Despite breaking up with John Edwards, Rielle continues to back him, and says his wealth and political position had nothing to do with her feelings for him.

“If John Edwards worked in a gas station, that would be my guy,” she said.

Sure thing.


John Edwards needs to be committed to an insane asylum. What doesn't he get about this useless slut who destroyed his entire life? I DO think Cate Edwards should step in and get custody of her two young siblings. Their father is batshit crazy and a complete masochist. For John Edwards to continue the relationship with the whore ruined everything in his life then SOLD his private information - aired his families dirty laundry, called the deceased MOTHER of his children, Elizabeth Edwards, evil and crazy throughout her entire stupid sleazy memoir, the younger children shouldn't be subjected to this horrifying evil whore. John Edwards has to be completely stupid. He damn well deserves all the bad things Rielle Hunter brought to his life. However, his kids don't. They need to divorce their father. I am sure they will see the light and distance themselves from him and his whore and her illegitimate kid.


I don't think that's possible thank goodness Elizabeth changed her will to protect them from the golddigger. Elizabeth knew and was smart enough to do this. Only Elizabeth, her kids, and John are entitled to the estate and whatever John gets, maybe a forth, a third, then ONLY the remaining 4 children will inherit. If John does marry Rielle she is only entitled up to a third. The children of Elizabeth are protected by law since they are underrated also!

@ cbinatl

I just finished the book. I don't believe for one moment the trash she wrote about Elizabeth. AND....what is the deal with The Youngs and then Fred ( who passed away) renting her houses, paying for her moves, feeding her, etc. Why didn't she get off her lazy butt and get a job! She is nothing but a goldigger who thought she was going to be with a President. Last laugh is on her. Poor Quinn. She deserves better for parents.


I don't understand that he's so dumb when it comes to this whore. SHE is the one who leaked the affair, pics, etc...everything to the tabloids. HER. She resented that Elizabeth was still the wife. She set him up as an escort/grifter from the get-go and slept with him after their first meeting like a........prostitute. She saw a rich man and then got pregnant on purpose and hated Elizabeth since he was not going to leave her. That why she still bashes Elizabeth. John is dumb as a brick if he actually marries her. She will take him for everything he's got since she's a hustler and Cate and the younger two, Emma Claire, and Jack will be left with nothing. She'll even find a way to take the beach house on Figure Eight Island. She's laughing her butt off that John is so dumb. It's pathetic.

@ eloise

Sorry, but John isn't the innocent in the affair. She didn't force him into bed with her after their initial meeting. They were both adults! Rielle is no more guilty than he is. Just very poor judement. Too bad, so sad!

@ Guest

@Guest-Although you are correct in saying John and Rielle are adults, she KNEW he was a married man and she did come onto John. John was propositioned, but should have run as fast as he could to get away for this woman as she had evil intentions. Now, he is stuck paying child support until the child is grown; his other kids have no respect for either him or Rielle(can't stand her); he could marry her but his life would be miserable and in much more turmoil than it is. John obviously did not think about the consequences of this fling but it cost him dearly.Now he has no choice but deal with it!


Didn't I hear Cate tell John she would never speak to him again if he is still with this piece of trash? I understand he needs to support Quinn but he is playing with fire if this story is true, which I hope it isn't. John needs to get Rielle out of his life except for parenting Quinn.I would be livid if I were Cate.Right, Rielle, all you ever had were men with money; right money had nothing to do with it demanding 9K/month support;right you would be with him if he worked at a gas station-and they make maybe 15-20K a year! Rielle you are not convincing anyone you are sincere; you only care about fame, fortune, money!You are so full of sh#t!You will have to answer for your ugliness one day Rielle-you don't treat people ugly and it not come back to you one day without asking forgiveness!


They are back together. Its the real deal people, they will be married within 5 years.

@ ella

How do you know they are back together, Ella?

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