Report: Khloe Kardashian Will Raise Her Baby Alone!!!

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Life may seem like fun and games for Khloe Kardashian these days. It may appear as if she's happy and carefree, Tweeting nipple slips of her mother like all is well and good at home.

But it's not. Not by a long shot. Not if recent tabloid stories are to be believed.

Khloe Tabloid Cover

Star Magazine makes it clear: Khloe and Lamar Odom are about to divorce.

And the latest issue of Life & Style brings the troubled relationship into focus, detailing how Kardashian's problems with conception are creating a major riff between wife and husband.

“Khloé is still undergoing fertility treatments,” a friend tells the tabloid. “And she has decided that if she is not pregnant by Christmas, she will start adoption proceedings.”

So wherein lies the problem?

Odom has allegedly soured on having more children, an insider claims: “Lamar’s over it. He has kids already from a previous relationship, so he’s not dying to have more.”

As a result, "there have been big fights and arguments lately," adds this source.

Will it actually lead to a split? We doubt it. What about more misleading cover stories and headlines? For sure.


Ooooooops kloe she was pregnant yaaaaay sorry i didn't read it well yay Kloe congratulations girl gooooood jobs u did it dear yay Lamar Odom will fill regret guilty was hurtting u :(


How will having a child by Xmas fit in with her new X-Factor commitments?


My kloe will be fine with or without him!!! She came in this world without him an will leave the world without him!!! Kloe was happy being free an single before he came into her life. Kloe i will be praying for u an please pray for me to ok!!!! Verbal abuse is bringing me down so one day this week i am going to be a free gal again i am tired of muta------- hurting me like michael jackson said this is it!!!! Goodnite everybody had to blow off some steam!!!


I honestly don't think Lamar want any children either. He's had two and it seems he's done. I also think their marriage is on the verge of being done and has been that way for quite a while.


I think he should support his wife. Eventhough he has kids from his previous relationship it is not fair to Khloe. That's a bit slefish on his part. Just sayin'

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