Presidential Debate: Who Won the Obama-Romney Rematch?

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After a game-changing first encounter October 3, we were quite anxious to see how the second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney would play out.

Who do you think won the rematch tonight?

Obama and Romney

Was this the event Obama needed to right the ship after Romney easily won their first meeting and shifted the dynamic of the race? Or did the challenger keep him on the ropes?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Did tonight's town hall style showdown at Hofstra University on Long Island alter or reinforce your opinion of either candidate?

Share your comments below, and vote in our survey:

Who won the second presidential debate of 2012?


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Obama clearly won, Romney came off as a d*** to both the President and Miss Crowley... it kills me when people making under a million a year cheer for Romney, just go to youtube and check out Romney exposed..... if you make under a million a year you are poor to him, and there by nothing more than an annoyance. He panders to the crowd he is talking to at the time and can change his point of view from day to day, it's frightening... God help us if that man gets anywhere near the White House.




I won the debate. That's who won. so stop whining. :) I am totally joking! I am an independent and I have to be honest: THIS debate was won by PRESIDENT Obama. Governor Mitt did well last time but he was ok this time.

@ Shelby

You clearly get your information from FOX News, which is unfortunate, because it really isn't News at all, it's opinion. Did you know that no less than 8 "fair and balanced" election corespondents at FOX also work for the Romney campaign as "advisors? That's not "fair and balanced", that's a 24/7 commercial for the Romney campaign.... it's desperate, sad, dangerous, and because 99% of the people that watch FOX News watch it exclusively, they get no counterbalance because FOX has brainwashed their watchers into believing that there is this kooky "media bias" and that they are the only real place to get the facts.... and anyone that disagrees with them is a liberal, leftist, media biased marxist that wants to see the country burn... it would be funny if it wasn't so damn dangerous.


Romney clearly Won last nights debate hand down.


Obama is the MAN!


Obama is the MAN!


Obama clearly won this one hands down. Anyone who doesn't agree with that is simply towing the party line. Personally, I think it would have been better if they hadn't agreed to specific terms beforehand, and they let ALL of the candidates to debate these issues. Gary Johnson (Libertarian) wasn't there and Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein and her running mate, Cheri Honkala, were arrested for "blocking traffic" as they attempted to enter the debate at Hofstra University. Sounds really "democratic" to me. DON'T LET THEM CHOOSE YOUR CANDIDATE!


Bush's mess was because the dems were voted in, in 2006, so stop blaming bush. If Obama was going to do what he promised he would suck it up and fix what's broken, but all the change was a pack of lies...Last night Obama and the mediator were bullies and should be ashamed...Romney has my vote!

@ Barbara Goff

Barbara, I agree with you. Obama interrupted Mitt just as many times as Mitt interrupted him, but the mediator didn't scold Obama. She obviously is an Obama fan. Obama threw Hillary under the bus over Libya as Oprah threw women under the bus to endorse and push Obama. All Obama did was whine and try to discredit Mitt. Hope American women and seniors (or near seniors) wake up and vote for the man with the proven record - Romney!


Watch Second Presidential Debate 2012 Full Replay Video and Transcript Here


Obama inherited Bush's mess and has done about the best anyone could do with it. He didn't start wars over nothing, like that weapon of mass destruction balony, and he has done well with foreign countries. He has a broader view than Romney.and more compassion for the common person. we made a mistake when we tossed out the deomcrats during the Bush/Gore election and oh how we have suffered for it! Let's not make the same mistake again, but stay the course with the democrats.