Presidential Debate: Who Won the Final Obama-Romney Showdown?

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With just two weeks to go until election night and the polls showing an extremely tight race, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney came face to face again tonight.

Who do you think won the third and final debate?

Obama vs. Romney Photo

Romney easily won their first meeting October 3 and shifted the dynamic of the race, while Obama bounced back somewhat with a stronger effort last week.

Monday's event was as critical as a third debate could get. What was the most meaningful exchange of foreign policy ideas and positions in Boca Raton, Fla.?

Did tonight alter or reinforce your opinion of either candidate? Who do you think helped his cause more? Share your comments below, and vote in our polls:

Who won the final presidential debate of 2012?

Who should be elected on November 6?


OBAMA WON! Heaven help us and our children if Willard Ruiney gets in. The end of America as we know it! You people who vote for Willard Ruiney will eat your vote if hes elected. But ive already voted for OBAMA!!!

Rochester johnson

To Mitt (rob)MONEY:
Let me get this straight.
You want to defund social security, and take people’s security in the future away.
You want to defund medicare and take away their security now.
I’ve worked hard all life and I will need Medicare and Social Security.
You want to defund Planned Parenthood so that we have more unwanted children and more sexually transmitted diseases.
You will take away a woman's right to choose.
You want to defund education so only those who can afford a private education will be educated. (Keep everyone dumb so they wont know you are robbing them blind.)
You will take away tax deductions for the middle class.
You will raise taxes for the middle class.
And you want to defund HUD and put poor people onto the streets.
AND you want everyone to have the ability to buy assault rifles?
What the hell could possibly go wrong????
I will vote for Obama in 2012!!!

@ Rochester Johnson

Are you kidding??? It was your beloved Obama who stole $716 billion from Medicare to fund his Obamacare. Romney will ensure that the money is returned to the rightful senior owners who've contributed money to Medicare for many years. Romney will ensure that Social Security will be there when you retire, unless you're independently wealthy and don't need to participate in SS.


Obviously you enjoy Obamacare, are not well educated and have no intention to better yourself. Maybe O-Care should fund birth control contraceptives. The rest of us are/were responsible and practiced our own birth control to stop having children when we knew we had a complete family. Romney plans to cut taxes for middle class and set a cap on deductions for upper class. He'll create jobs for those who are currently on welfare. How is that a bad thing?? Where's BO's proven record of financial successes - maybe his own???


Poor losers.. Obama will win again and you guys will still be here.. pathetic...

@ tequila911

Your awesome! Love your avatar:)


Romney was the only one who seemed like he would be stable enough to run anything! Fact- Yes Romney did say let GM Go Bankrupt and then help them. Another fact- Romney was quoted correctly when he described Russia and the type of threat they were. Obama is lost in his accusations with Romneys statements. Obama did not know what he was speaking of- again. I hope Obama got a good kick out of the Navy joke as his arrogant ass tried to make Romney look out of touch because Obama just lost Virginia and the countries largest Shipyard in Norfolk. Romney looked and spoke Presidential and Obama looked just like you Democrats think of Romney. Spoiled Rich and arrogant! I hope this is the final time have to hear him or that spoiled 1st lady speak! Romney is all Class and Obama is all Ass.

@ Becca

Romney is the ASS!!! A dishonest one to be precise.
Yesterday he looked like a SCHOOL BOY listening to a lecture by his BEST teacher. I loved watching Obama making him look like the IDIOT that he is.

@ Saranna

Don't confuse Romney's patience and good manners for not interrupting Obama. Unfortunately, BO didn't learn manners in Kenya or Indonesia. You're dillusional to understimate Mitt who has the ONLY proven record on balancing budgets and the financial successes he accomplished. Guess you missed all the successes he achieved for the State of Massachusetts. Maybe too busy watching your idol??


Obama and Biden cannot win! Stop fooling yourselves.

@ RomenyRyanthatstheticket

You will be very disappointed on November 6th.


what is this for question?
listen: I never saw any debat of them but I now turned on the tele by accident.
I viewed this for a minute or two and you want to now what occured to me: MITT ROMNEY IS A TRUE"*SS KISSER!!
man o man what is this man a lying hypocryte.
if he is so certain about his ideas, well show it in the ring.
so let President OBAMA finish his job........

@ baja

OBAM= One Big Ass Mistake America! So true. He will burn in hell for all his broken promises and how he has destroyed this country. Fix the mistake on Nov. 6th.... VOTE ROMNEY!


Is there a "None of the Above" option?


Good comment JBB!!!! I'm sure a lot of us thought it but you got there first!

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