Presidential Debate: Who Won, Obama or Romney?

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The first of three 2012 presidential debates has come to an end.

Who do you think was the winner of the showdown in Denver?

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Presidential debates are hyped up as pivotal moments for campaigns, although this isn't always the case. Was it tonight? Did either candidate shine? Did neither?

What was the most meaningful exchange? Was this the game-changer Mitt Romney needed, or did President Barack Obama help his chances for re-election?

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Who won the first presidential debate of 2012?


There is NO question who won this debate. Romney was on target, energized but respectful, had the answere that we the voting public need and was clear about his responses.
Obama was nervous, constantly looked down, smirked, and proposed the SAME GARBAGE he proposed four years ago.........when I believed him.
By the way I am a Democrat


Mitt is an idiot. His plans are just like he looks and walks. Like something is stuck up his butt.

@ george

The Democrats are reduced to ad-hominem attacks. That's how you know Romney won the debate.

@ George

You are scum,why don't you go and suck on romneys dick.


What debate were the people who thought obama won? seriously?!?!


Romney won. Obama seemed confused and desperate to change the subject much of the night. His "leadership" lecture (which seemed to be a defense of partisanship) did not go over well.

@ Carl

You must have been sleep

@ mary

@Mary - watch it again - if you still think Obama had any chance of being considered the winner of this debate then you are dreaming!!!! Romney BLEW him away!!!!


Mitt Romney clearly the winner! How nice to see a competant, intelligent , nice person debate the issues. I am so looking forward to President Romney. Tired of the this tired economy, slow housing market and excuses, excuses!!! We can do better. Go Mitt!.

Bette platt

Mitt can say all these things about no tax hike, no cutting medicare, no cuts.... but the deficeit will be reduced. What wonderland does he think he lives in!! maybe he's on an alternate dimension or something, i sure hope people are smart enough to see through his crap,

@ Bette Platt

Savannah Guthrie just said it herself - Obama DID NOT deliver tonight!!! "The president wandered around the landscape" - LOVE IT! The debate went exactly as I expected - Obama has failed as the president and he definitely failed this debate!

@ Bette Platt

Mitt Romney may have had a great debate session, but that's totally different than him actually carrying these claims out. He made statements that contradicted previous comments.......

@ Bette Platt

Romney may or may not be a good President, but Obama is a proven failure.

@ John

Obama a proven failure? Really, the economy is moving forward. Does anyone remember what Obama walked into??? Mitt will take this country down! Fact more recessions under republican presidency.. Check the facts,

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